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“Best Tarot Reader!”

Zamm is a truly gifted woman! Her readings are the most accurate, insightful and helpful I have ever had. She has wonderful energy and demonstrates genuine care about her clients. I highly recommend Zamm to anyone seeking insights and a different perspective to guide them. ~ Jussie, NZ –

Explore and have a deeper appreciation of your current situation – options and possibilities, influences, the dynamics of the personalities around you. Then put in the practical work and hard yards required to succeed. 

Have intuitive TAROT Readings for your guests. Let them enjoy taking a sneak peek of all their wonderful possibilities! Make it fun for them to learn about the active energies that can help achieve their goals and a bright future!

Discover yourself by understanding the energies within and around you – both in the past, present and future. Connect with a loved one who’d passed, and face the ‘hauntings’ affecting you and your space. 

Tarot Zamm
“Did I really predict your future? Certainly not – I don’t do predictions! All I did was help you see you’re possibilities and your probable future more clearly. Then YOU made it all happen! That’s how powerful you are!” – Zamm

She’s NO PSYCHIC – so no prophesies here! 

But she can give you something better – a stark reminder of your POWER – to exercise your FREE WILL and make better and wiser decisions for yourself!

Among other things, you’ll gain:

  • insight
  • clarity
  • direction
  • motivation
  • purpose
  • hope

The TripAdvisor Hall of Fame is awarded to establishments that have received the Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years. The Certificate of Excellence is awarded annually to establishments consistently receiving excellent client reviews. Tarot Zamm is fortunate to have received these reviews from such wonderful clients throughout the years – 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Thank you!

Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of our World – Book 1 was awarded one of the top five books in the 2018 Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards Book category – Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards – in New Zealand. 

Discover how intuition works.
· Gain a general idea about intuition and how people use and access it.
· Recognise and get into the processes and elements that make intuition work ordinarily and extraordinarily.
· Learn about and live by the practicalities of intuition.
· Train your mind towards the different thinking methods and tools used to boost intuition.
· Get acquainted with ‘fantastical intuition’.

Why discover intuition? Because intuition is an invaluable tool in decision-making and it helps us manoeuvre changes successfully.

This was my first time reading and Zamm made me feel very comfortable early in the reading. Zamm offers a very comprehensive explanation of the reading and communicates this very effectively. Zamm provides a service which can really change your life and remind us that we are not as vulnerable as we think – we have the power to make decisions and choose our destiny. Thank you Zamm… I only wish I had taken more notes. ~ Jonathan K. –

Tarot Zamm9

I’ve been to see Zamm a number of times over the past 5 years and always leave feeling inspired, enlightened and full of positivity. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her honesty, clarity and intuition are second to none and her warm and relaxed nature always make me feel instantly at ease. – Mandamuld –

I am not new to the world of tarot reading and have met many readers in my life. I first was highly skeptical to choose someone based on ratings, but being new to Wellington I decided to give it a go. I was not disappointed at all! She is very knowledgable, intuitive, clear, and professional. Her guidance came like a gift to my life and I am grateful for the great value she added to a time when all I had was confusion. I recommend her a 100%! ~ SGG – Google reviews

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Zamm loves to travel and meet people. Later this year – 2023, Zamm will be in Vancouver, London, Bilbao, Lisbon, Dublin, Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Singapore. She’d be delighted to meet and guide you through a Tarot reading when you book a reading with her in advance.