Tarot reading and forecasting the future

Today, we’re going to talk about something that’s very important. Usually, for many people who are strangers to the Tarot or even the practice of Tarot reading, once you mention the words ‘Tarot reading’, something immediately springs to mind.

For them, it’s fortune-telling; it’s prophecy; it’s prediction; it’s supernatural, it’s something maybe even satanic or whatever -depending on the beliefs of the person.

And today, I’d like to set things straight with something – Tarot reading is a really powerful tool – and if you talk about it as a form of divination, I would somehow agree with you. But what does divination mean?

Divination is actually forecasting the future. So, if we focus on that definition—forecasting the future—how is it different from an accountant forecasting the year’s budget? 

How is it different from a marketer forecasting the outcome of a marketing campaign?

How is it different from an insurance company forecasting (you know) the statistics in order to package the right insurance programmes that they have?

How is it different from a country forecasting what they could do to improve the GDP? 

How is it so different, right?

Forecasting the future—when you look at it that way—is quite powerful because it gives you a roadmap. It helps you plan. Getting into a Tarot reading is very similar.

You go into a Tarot reading because you want to forecast your future—not so much that you expect to forecast the future, hear about it, and do nothing. You expect the act of Tarot reading will make things happen for you. That’s not how it works!

When you go into a Tarot reading to gain insight, you are somehow forecasting your limitless potentials and possibilities—but it doesn’t stop there. What you do with the reading is the most important thing.

How do you plan and strategize to build the bridge so that whatever is forecasted happens?

It’s like forecasting—it’s out in the open. But when you process that reading and pull it from the ground, you build from it! 

You build from it by:

  • exploring different strategies, different options,
  • trying to visualise Wild Cards – uncertainties, and
  • trying to assess the resources that you realistically have and the resources that you also forecast to have as a result of your present action – to keep supporting the next steps until you finally complete the outcome that you want!
    So that is what a Tarot reading can do to you – for you. It’s a very powerful tool but only if you will support it with
  • realistic measures,
  • your time,
  • your resource,
  • your strategy
  • a lot of thinking
  • just like the accountants, marketers, countries, and people in leadership forecasting the performance that they want!

So think about that. I hope you like our little discussion about the ‘divination’ or forecasting the future aspect of a Tarot reading.

Until the next time, many blessings; this is Zamm

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