Evil, ghosts and witchcraft in intuition and Tarot reading?

During the weekend, I received an email request for a Tarot reading appointment with a question that some might find ridiculous – yet I respect that this is perhaps coming from the sender’s belief system. I find this an excellent opportunity to address the subject in the open – for everyone who might similarly have the same concern. Here’s the question:

“Do you use any evil or ghost or witch to make this intuition?” – referring to my Tarot readings.

Firstly, a person asking this question about my readings would appear to be unaware of how I appreciate intuition and perform my readings. This could possibly be because they have not read any of my posts or the information available on my website – particularly on my homepage – about intuition and my Tarot readings.

Secondly, for someone to think that I could possibly use evil, ghosts or witchcraft to derive intuition implies that they are also unaware of the book I wrote about ‘Intuition’ – where I examined its inner workings – to demystify and present it in a scientific and practical approach so everyone can learn more and hone their own (intuition).

Intuition by Zamm Zamudio

Thirdly, I understand that some people still fear and are uncertain about how Tarot readings are done, in general. For this specific reason, I have made videos and posts on my blog to alleviate such concern. However, in having said this, it would benefit the person interested in a Tarot reading to, of course, do some digging of their own – about their prospective Tarot reader. It would be sensible to check out the Tarot reader’s blog, website and social media to have a feel and get their answers from the information that’s out and available.

Lastly, if having a Tarot reading is going against your faith or belief system, then DO NOT have one. I repeat, please DO NOT have one. It’s better to stay true to your beliefs.


On a more fun and positive front, I enjoyed my night reading Tarot cards for *StarNow last Friday – June 14th – for their 15th business birthday celebration. Congratulations and many many more business birthdays ahead! ❤️⁣

Zamm at StarNow
Zamm at StarNow at their 15th Business Birthday Party 2019

⁣’Zamm was a delight to deal with throughout the entire process of working with her. We used her fantastic services for a 15th business birthday party, and the staff have been raving about her ever since. Not only did she arrive on time in the most fantastic outfit, she gave our staff a really unique and genuine experience of a tarot card reading. This meant most of our team spent the rest of the night discussing their readings – they absolutely loved it! She was professional to deal with, and incredibly understanding when the busyness of our event meant our correspondence was slow. I would not hesitate to recommend Zamm to another business throwing a similar event. Brilliant!’ – StarNow⁣⁣⁣

⁣Thank you for your great review! ❤️⁣⁣⁣

So, if you have an upcoming corporate event or party, let me insightfully entertain your guests, I would be delighted to!

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*StarNow is a well-known casting agency in New Zealand and overseas.

And finally, after six months of technical glitch, my Google Business posts is working again. It took 6 months for it to be fixed, would you believe?! Anyway, I’m so glad it’s all good.

Have a good one, everyone!

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