Tarot Reading for the 21st Century

Tarot card reading for fortune-telling or occultism? That is so 18th century!

The 15th-century aristocracy of Italy originally commissioned artists to design and create the Tarot for games and amusement – to play this bridge-like card game called tarocchi. The major arcana (a subset of a Tarot deck) could have been designed to add more flare in the visual of the cards – inspired by the travesty of costumed people seen at carnival parades. Then in the 18th century, some occultists started using the rich imagery of the Tarot in their pursuit of enlightenment.

In our age of information – the 21st century – the Tarot is re-emerging as a vital tool for deriving significant insight about life. Such insight leads to clarity, focus and better decisions. The Tarot is becoming the go-to tool for reflection – to process and comprehend the glut of information around us.


As is the case of Zamm Zamudio, also known as Tarot Zamm, a published author and intuitive consultant based in Wellington, New Zealand. She uses the Tarot to stimulate her clients’ minds towards reflection, critical thinking, and improved self-confidence. Based on her experience, she and her clients have found that the Tarot gives great advice when weighing options for more effective decision-making. The proof is out in the open.

Zamm has been receiving consistent raves and recommendations in the past five years from both her individual and corporate clients. The raves have culminated in an award – the 2019 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame – for consistently excellent client reviews. The wisdom of Zamm’s Tarot card readings is not just limited to Wellingtonians. Many who have benefitted from it were visitors and tourists from all over New Zealand and overseas.

A solemn and serious environment is not an exclusive requirement for Tarot card readings. A growing number of organisations in Wellington find great value in mixing fun and insight at their corporate-themed events. Zamm’s Tarot card readings at these events provide great conversation starters and leave guests with some post-party reflections. The best part is that Tarot card readings can be both entertaining and ‘enlightening’.

Though Zamm reads the Tarot intuitively, her approach is very practical and grounded – breaking the airy-fairy stereotypes. She combines the illuminating influences of philosophy, psychology and art – of life and experiences – in her readings.

The imagery of the Tarot represents many aspects of everyday life. Finding the co-relations between the two – Tarot imagery and life – creates meanings and builds a system of symbolism that one can understand and use for introspection about current circumstances, state of being and the potential for expansion – to break the borders of one’s comfort zone.

So, in case you need insight, and you’re in Wellington, don’t pass up a chance to pick your brain with Zamm’s Tarot readings. Book your reading here.

Disclaimer: TAROT Readings should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request one.

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