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I’m Zamm, your highly recommended Tarot Reader.

“Best Tarot Reader!”
Zamm is a truly gifted woman! Her readings are the most accurate, insightful and helpful I have ever had. She has a wonderful energy and demonstrates genuine care about her clients. I highly recommend Zamm to anyone seeking insights and and a different perspective to guide them. ~ Jussie, NZ – TripAdvisor.com



TAROT ZAMM – TAROT Reader Wellington

TAROT ZAMM - TAROT Reader Wellington - Wellington Attractions
TAROT ZAMM – TAROT Reader Wellington
I don’t see myself as psychic. In fact, I tell all my all clients that I AM NOT. I was always reluctant to use my gift of being “spiritually sensitive.” The strong desire, to help people find clarity and “epiphanies,” is what made me decide to be your TAROT Reader. I rely on my strong connection with the TAROT and in its ability to translate your energy, thoughts and vibrations into a powerful message that will help you move forward.
“An enlightening experience”
This was my first time reading and Zamm made me feel very comfortable early in the reading. Zamm offers a very comprehensive explanation of the reading and communicates this very effectively. Zamm provides a service which can really change your life and remind us that we are not as vulnerable as we think – we have the power to make decisions and choose our destiny. Thank you Zamm… I only wish I had taken more notes. ~ Jonathan K. – TripAdvisor.com

My TAROT Readings are very intuitive and insightful. I believe that when I read for you, YOU connect to the TAROT and it becomes your conduit. With me as your reader, I see this connection which is how I’m able to describe the existing energies at play, which you can use to your benefit.
TAROT readings are NOT done to predict your future. This is not possible as the future continues to change depending on the choices you make.

“Did I really predict your future? Certainly not – I don’t do predictions! All I did was help you see you’re possibilities and your probable future more clearly. Then YOU made it all happen! That’s how powerful you are!” – Zamm
TAROT readings can give you a clear picture of the influences within and around you. They guide you in making the most of whatever you decide to pursue. They also show you the “not-so-favorable-tendency” which you can avoid or use to find ways to improve your outcome.
Your Tarot reading could serve like a road map. It shows you paths that might be bumpy or might be a route to a wonderful destination. It can be a powerful guide, if you are able to make the best of your readings.
So if you do need intuitive advice or guidance, let me help you.

If you want to get to know Zamm a little bit better, read Interview with a TAROT Reader.

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Disclaimer: TAROT Readings should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request one.