My Schedule


1. Melbourne here I come!
I’ll be in Melbourne September 2 to 5, 2017. If you’d like to book a face-to-face reading with me, now is your chance without having to fly over to Wellington! Use the same online booking system here. I’ll email you where I’ll be staying and having my readings, which will be in the city centre. See you soon!
2. New office location
I am now at Zammtopia Level 8 Munro Benge House, 104 The Terrace, Wellington 6011.
3. Tarot reading rates from April 1, 2017, please click here.
I have kept my rates as they were since May 2012. My overhead is going up from the increasing costs of my service providers (office rent, phone, internet service providers, among the many other business related overhead). The only way I can continuously provide you with the same professional quality of service is to keep up with the increasing costs, as well. I’m glad when you appreciate that I keep the office/reading place easily accessible and centrally located, for your comfort, privacy and confidence.

ZAMM’s Daily and Upcoming Schedule

4. When I’m not travelling, I am working on some publishing projects that I hope would be helpful and effective, as a guide, towards your self-development journey. My creative and writing head spaces are totally different from my Tarot reading head space, and I want you to always have the best of me. For this reason, Mondays, Saturdays and my mornings are exclusively blocked for writing and creativity.
5. However I do understand that some of you are available only on Saturdays. If you need an appointment, I will make time for you. Please understand that I will need to take time away from my writing and family if you need me on this day, which is why the Saturday rate is higher than weekday rates. Saturdays are by request and exclusively for 1 hour appointments only.
6. I’m re-arranging my schedule based on your requests. Hence until further notice:

a. Reading hours are between 1230pm to 530pm Tuesdays to Fridays, and
10am to 2pm Saturdays , with the last appointment finishing at 530pm and 2pm, respectively.

b. BY APPOINTMENT only booked in advance, at least a day before – 530pm cut-off time.

7. Please understand that, for the same reason (no. 3) , I have my schedule sorted at least the day before, so I CANNOT SEE WALK-INS or SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS. Even if you come by the office to take a chance, I will not be able to see you.
8. When booking your appointment, kindly check my availability through my twitter schedule just below.
9. Family time is precious to me. I’m NOT AVAILABLE on Sundays, holidays and outside of reading hours. At these times I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO REPLY to your text or online messages or phone calls. If you need to get in touch with me, kindly do so by email.
Thank you very much! I really appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Twitter Status Meaning

“Available” means that I’m available for you. You can book your appointment within the time frame posted. For example “Available 1pm – 4pm FriDec4 TueDec8” means you can choose your appointment anytime within 1pm to 4pm for December 4 – Friday and 1pm to 4pm for December 8 – Tuesday.

If the dates and times within the week or the next are not on my schedule, it means I’m “NOTAvailable” or “FULLYBooked” at those times.

If you still have questions, I’m just an email away. I look forward to seeing you soon!
Disclaimer: TAROT Readings should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical, financial and/or legal professional. You must be at least 18 years of age or older to request one.