Why and when do we go for a Tarot reading?

I. There are many reasons why we go for a Tarot reading, such as – in no particular order:

1. To have our burning questions answered.
2. To gain insight, 
3. To explore the possibilities we can seize and make good use of, 
4. To have closure, 
5. To get some reassurance.

To get the most of every reading, 

1. DO NOT ask impossible questions such as:
– the winning lotto numbers, 
– exact dates and times (for example when will we find the right person), 
– the definitive outcome of your health concerns

2. Go to a Tarot reading with:
– an open mind
– a set of questions prepared to optimise your reading session

We have to separate the idea that getting into a reading would give you a definitive future. What it can give you is 
– hope, 
– a good visual of your potentials
– guidance towards the right direction

A Tarot reading is best done to empower you – NOT to limit and restrict you with ‘prophecies’. 

If you begin to look out for these ‘prophesies’ when going into a Tarot reading, then you have surrendered your free-will and power to the Tarot reader, and you have conditioned your mind to be influenced by whatever these ‘prophesies’ are:

1. if they are positive, 
– you may become overly confident or even slack off,
– you may form ‘false hope’ 
– you lose a sense of accountability to yourself regardless of the outcome – good or bad, it was because of the prophecy

2. If the outcome is negative, 
– you will totally lose power and confidence in yourself because your efforts – no matter what they are – are over-ruled by what was ‘prophesied’.

No one else holds the POWER except yourself, and never ever give up this power over to someone else – including a Tarot reader – by binding yourself to a ‘prophecy’. 

Tarot reading is a great tool, provided you know how to use it and what to do with it.

Bottom line, it is YOUR decision that makes things happen!

II. When is the best time to go to a Tarot reading?

The best time is when you are feeling 
– OK, 
– settled, 
– composed, and 
– in control or ready to take control.
These will make you more 
– conducive and open to receive the message or insight, and 
– (perhaps) even explore and engage the possibilities/options presented to you in a reading where you can derive joy or some form of enlightenment.

DO NOT go to a reading when you are feeling so low or RAW emotionally because you will not be in the right ‘frame of mind’ or ‘frame of heart’. Feeling emotionally RAW will have preconditioned your heart and mind into a strong desire to hear what YOU WANT to hear and probably CLOSED in hearing what YOU NEED to hear.

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