Things you need to know about a Tarot reader

Here are the answers to the ever-important three questions when choosing the right Tarot card reader for yourself.

How much should a TAROT Reader charge? Do they charge reasonably? Many factors need to be considered here.

Although Tarot reading is an intuitive service – and could even be a spiritual – doing and delivering it to those in need requires resource.

Resources can come across as utility bills, technological requirements, professional representations like an office, business cards, etc. , professional services such as accountants, designers and whatever is required to create a platform that would connect with and help clients, and a structure that would support this (platform).

The closest thing that can be compared to a Tarot reader in the old times would be a shaman or medicine man or woman. In those times, the community takes care of these people because they are considered very special – providing the members of the community enlightenment and healing.

In modern times, reputable Tarot readers provide the same – providing reassurance, pathfinding and other insightful help. However, there is a stark difference nowadays because no community will take care of such a service provider. Hence, Tarot readers need to look after themselves in order to keep delivering intuitive services to those in need.

What do their clients say?

Word of mouth is one source of verification we tend to take for granted or even ignore these days.

Websites that provide reviews such as TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Etsy, Social Media, their websites, etc. Do your research.

Is the Tarot reader trustworthy?

Can they keep your privacy, secrets, confidence and take care of your vulnerability?

Do they cherish the privilege you’re giving them by becoming part of your journey (in a way)?

I hope this video would give you a good insight into what to do – when looking for the right tarot reader for yourself.

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