Gipsy Card

The Gipsy Card: a card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm.

Hungarian Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards (Cigany Kartya) (KVIZ) 

36 Card Tarot/Oracle deck with descriptions of each card in English, French, Deutsch and Hungarian. Also included is a tiny little white booklet for different spreads and information. It is also in all four languages.

They are not a Lenormand, Gypsy Witch or a Kipper style card, they have their own set of meanings.

Cigany Kartya is Hungarian for Gypsy/Gipsy Cards.

Meanings of each of the 36-cards

GIFT: Joyful turnaround.
STABILITY: Stability, unchanged. “The Eye of God”, which happens, is according to a higher will.
DISEASE: Physical or mental illness. A bad state of mind, hindrance. JUDGMENT: Official, serious decision.
WOMEN: Discomfort, irritability.
CONFLICT: Racer, rival, intrigue. Our own shadow side.
FUNCTIONALITY: Jealousy, fear, fear.
THOUGHT: Blonde male or intellectual activity, planning.
CHILDREN: Children of the interviewer or rumour, gossip.
DEATH: unfavourable but not necessarily tragic fate.
DAMAGE: Risk of trickery, something might fail.
HOUSE: Home, home, parental house.
FRIENDSHIP: Own family, marriage, or business association.
FAITHFULNESS: Perseverance of honesty.
IMMEDIATE: A dark-haired man. Workplace obligations.
LOW MONEY: A smaller amount of penny problems.
VISIT: Guest. Uncertainty, contingency.
BEAUTIFUL: Deep spiritual life. Clear intentions. Helper.
LETTER: Letter, invitation, official document.
ORGANIZATION: Celebration, family event, optimism.
WOMAN: Older lady, often the interviewer’s mother.
WEDDING MAN: Older man, many times his father.
MONEY: Larger amount.
HOPE: Hope. Long-term realization.
LOVE: Love, love, joy.
LOVE WOMAN: “Queen of the Heart”. The interviewer means if the interviewer is a woman. If you are a questioner, it means your current or future pair.
SERIES: Good luck, good turn.
DISABILITY: Failure, inconvenience, bad luck.
LOVER: “King of the Heart”. The interviewer means if the interviewer is a man. If the interviewer grows, then his current or future partner.
BEAUTY: Blonde woman, or feeling sick, sad, depressed.
TOLVAJ: Someone wants to harm, financially or psychologically.
TRAVEL: Quickly occurring events. Travel.
MESSAGE: A very quick occurrence of an event. News, message.
CUT: Dark haired woman. Longing, craving.
UNEXPECTED JOY: sudden luck, unexpected material goods.
LOSS: The interviewer feels loser. Damage, material loss.

Source: Wikipedia

Product Details

Cards Publisher: Joseph & Vincent (2008)
Language: English
Package Dimensions: 4 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces

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