The Fairy Tarot

The Fairy Tarot – Tarot deck card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm

By (author) Antonio Lupatelli , By (author) Lo Scarabeo

A perfect blend of whimsy and depth, The Fairy Tarot will charm you with their enchanting images and clever symbolism. True to the cunning Fairy nature, odd and thought-provoking Latin mottoes on the Aces introduce each suit. The suits reflect the Fairy lifestyle (Acorns, Hearts, Leaves, and Bells). Deck includes 78 full-color cards and instruction booklet.

The Fairy Tarot – Tarot deck card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm.

Product Details (Amazon)
Dimensions 78 x 129 x 29mm | 227g
Publication date 01 Nov 2000
Publisher Lo Scarabeo
Publication City/Country Torino, Italy
Language English
Edition statement Lo Scarabeo Decks ed.
ISBN10 0738700061
ISBN13 9780738700069

An review:

Diane Jarecki 5.0 out of 5 stars
I love this deck, very sweet and reads very well.
September 9, 2015

I got this deck today and I was initially thrilled when I saw the backs, which have been changed to a very lovely design featuring the King of Leaves in his swinging chair. Much more colourful and detailed than the original back, and I haven’t seen any images of this back online yet. The box is sturdy and can definitely be used to store this deck, though I will be getting a case for it. The card stock itself is really good quality, thin enough to shuffle well but it feels sturdy enough to hold up well. This deck is a wonderful size for shuffling and feels great in your hand!

The Major Arcana are well done, bright and colourful and I just adore them! The minors, however, are a bit different in meaning sometimes so the book must be studied. I’ll have to use it for a while for personal readings to get used to it since some cards match the RWS system and some don’t and many of the images make no sense to me with the LWB explanation. Perhaps it’s worth getting the book for it if you really want to add it to your collection, I’d suggest getting the kit so you have that book. Also, the LWB is hard to understand since it’s obviously written by someone whose first language is not English and despite my very large vocabulary I had to look up some words. I also have a strong foreign language background and found it difficult to understand some of the descriptions of the cards from that point as well. Again, I hope the big book is better since I plan to invest in it.

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