Tarot: A visual guide to introspection

An Overview: A visual guide for introspection

What happens when you have a Tarot reading session with me?

Do I tell your fortune? Do I predict your future? Do I prophesy? Do I tell you what you need to do? If your belief or understanding of a Tarot reading falls under any of these questions, perhaps this is how it happens elsewhere.

However, if this is your expectation of a session with me, then I’m not the right person to go to – I will only disappoint you. I’m not a psychic or a fortune teller.

I’m a professional coach and intuitive guide.

The Tarot for me is an effective tool – that is intelligent and intuitive.

I use it for its imagery, its visuals. It’s great at stimulating critical thinking and introspection.

Featured Tarot Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

The visuals presented by the Tarot (card or spread) can be interpreted in infinite ways – never fixed – because they mirror life – our thoughts and words (swords); our emotions and attachments (cups); our passion, purpose, resonance and spirituality (wands); and our actions, experiences, relationships and material connections (pentacles).

Life is never fixed. It is a string of decisions. We make decisions every moment – trivial or of great importance. The Tarot can help remove the noise and shift your focus on the relevant.

The Tarot acts as a visual guide. As a Tarot reader, I help you figure out what it (the visuals) means. I use the influence of art, psychology, philosophy and human experience in delivering this visual presentation. This is how a session with me goes.

Think of your session as a ‘visual presentation’ of your unimpeded potential and how you can make it happen. This ‘visual presentation’, among other things, could uncover patterns – past, present and future – that can help you forecast your future.

What does it mean to forecast your future?

You can visit ‘Forecasting your future’ here for the video transcript.

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