SITUATION December 2018


New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6),
Diploma in Professional Coaching and
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise graduate

Zamm Zamudio’s studies through SIT2LRN have seen her learn more about the business world and helped her pen a debut book which has received national recognition.

Zamm has completed the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6), Diploma in Professional Coaching and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise through SIT2LRN, and her background includes working in insurance, advertising, marketing, banking, real estate and Government.

“I started family early, had my own business and worked for different industries – I also worked in Dubai in banking and advertising,” Zamm said. “So although I had work experience, I wanted to learn more about what’s new in business.”

Hearing about SIT’s Zero Fees was the main reason why she chose to study there. “I couldn’t afford to be in debt and for this I will always appreciate what SIT2LRN has given me – the opportunity to learn and gain qualifications to complement my work experience.”

Her focus now is on ‘’intuitive consultancy”, running a Wellington-based personal development company facilitating personal transformation for clients towards a balanced, meaningful, purposeful and successful life.

Zamm provides professional coaching, intuitive consulting, developmental workshops/seminars and other life-changing products and services focusing on intuitive and practical processes. “People come to me to find clarity, direction and even hope,” she said.

“I use the Tarot as a tool to stimulate a client’s perspective and from there gain insight. Yet the process of gaining insight is actually brought about by intuition. My clients kept asking me asking me about intuition. Instead of the stereotypical perception of intuition as somewhat airy-fairy, I wanted to dissect it and explain how it comes about scientifically and experientially – to show we can all have powerful intuition. There is a way but there is no shortcut to it.”

So Zamm decided to write a series of nonfiction works, starting with her debut piece, Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of our World Book 1, the product of two years of research and a year of writing.

“It is the first in the series of three books. It was shortlisted, then won fifth place in the Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards Book category – 2018 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards. There were over 40 book entries and I feel very fortunate to receive recognition alongside established writers, among them a university Theology Professor, an English Associate Professor, a director for a National Art Gallery, and a film director and writer.”

Writing essays for her studies provided a good groundwork for her own writing, Zamm said.

“Creative writing is very different from academic writing, but the essays were a solid starting point. The research part of my postgraduate qualification proved to be very useful in applying the same principles in writing Intuition.”

Writing is something that suits her personality, Zamm said. “I love my own company, and writing can be a solitary process – at least for me. I like the fact that writing forces me to appreciate that the more I learn the more I don’t know!”

Source: SIT2LRN SITuation Magazine

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