No more Free TAROT Readings

Originally posted May 5, 2016

Why I stopped giving FREE Tarot Readings

Initially, I wanted to help by providing free Tarot readings online or by email.

After a while, I realised that I was not helping at all. Many individuals who are not invested in these FREE readings fail to appreciate what was given and prowl the internet for more free readings.

I’ve heard some cases where some keep coming back for more and once refused, can lead to trolling or other untoward behaviour.

They are are hooked/addicted and will not stop at two or three or maybe even more FREE Tarot readings until they get the kind that suits them, if they actually find one.

Instead of the readings empowering them through insight, the opposite happens. They become paralysed and stripped of the power of their own free will. They get too dependent and feel the need to have a reading for everything and every time.

I realised that I would be enabling someone in this situation if I unknowingly gave him/her a free reading. I refuse to be part of this.

In my experience, I’ve always been clear with my clients to have them work on the reading they get. I’d rather not book a reading for the same questions or concerns that have already been answered.

Occsassionally, I refuse appointments when I see a pattern of dependency forming. My clients appreciate this because they know my genuine desire to help them.

I have a lot of valued clients who come to me once or twice a year, or only when new developments happen from their last reading.

These days I’ve found a better way of helping – by periodically providing FREE TAROT workshops through the Mystical Junction Meetups in Wellington.

I believe that if one genuinely desires to empower himself/herself through TAROT guidance, then he/she would invest time to learn it, understand it and use it without abusing it.

As always, I wish you all the best!

Many blessings to you!

Tarot Zamm

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