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Whether you “Level-up” to improve your performance and manifest your Tarot reading, or need to bounce-off ideas and just be heard, or learn about the tools to help you live a thriving life – Zamm is there to support you each step of the way.

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ISBN-13: 978-0473418274, 258 pages from Zammtopia Publishing; 1 edition (February 25, 2018)

Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of Our World – Book 1 by Zamm Zamudio

‘This book is more than just a practical guide to tuning in. It examines the physiology of and scientific explanations for intuition – ‘knowing without knowing how we know’.  
To the author there is nothing magical about intuition. She explores four fundamental factors – environment, experience, inheritance and memory. Instinct and insight are also contributing factors. None of these work independently. It is the combination of factors that can produce the mystical quality we call intuition. 
The author uses her personal experience to illustrate her theories. For example, her own inheritance comes from her Filipino grandmother, Lola Mommy who had what the family referred to as ‘radar.’ Like Zamm and her grandmother, some people have a more highly developed intuitive sense than others, but the author claims it is available to all of us.  This book demonstrates how it can be accessed.’

From the judges of the Mind Body Spirit Literary Awards Book Category – 2018 Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Book Awards.

A Tarot reading can provide clarity, focus, motivation and optimism. 

For some, this is good enough to keep them moving forward. For some, it may not be enough to keep up with sudden developments, unexpected twists and turns or decision making when there is a growing lack of self-confidence.

To Level Up – through coaching – is to get the support you need to navigate the map, build the bridges and finish the journey!

Combining Tarot reading and coaching gives you the opportunity to Level up your experiences and performance. 

The Universe has given you free will to be responsible for and accountable to yourself.

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Level-up with Zamm. Have the support and nurturing you need to succeed!

Wouldn’t it be great to have that much-needed support from someone – an ally – who understands how badly you want to succeed?

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Sounding Board

Sometimes, you just need someone to lend an ear, someone to bounce off your ideas with or talk about the deeper things that matter to you most.  When this is what you need, Zamm can be your ‘Sounding board’.


If learning intuitive and innate tools to empower your life is something you’d pursue, then you must attend Zamm’s classes/workshops on the Tarot, Intuition, Dreams and other very interesting topics. 

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