Monday Awareness Tarot

Overview: Monday Awareness Tarot

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to make better outcomes for the week – starting the first day back at work? Wouldn’t it be so much easier when we recognise our priorities to accomplish them on time? Indeed, it would be great to have something to guide us. We can do this, starting with enhancing our awareness.

Here’s Monday Awareness Tarot (which I also call the ‘First-day-back- at-work’ Awareness Tarot), a reflective tool to bring out the hidden in your subconscious during the current week. 

Below is a step-by-step guide which is best to use on the night before the first day back at work or the morning before work starts. Use the Tri-unity approach from the book ‘Intuition‘ – with or without Tarot’s visual guide. The simple steps will work better if you have ample time to reflect. We will stick to a weekly timeframe using the guide. However, timeframe directly depends on what you and your focus require: it can refer to months, weeks, or days.


If you need a fresh perspective and approach that can only come from someone else, you can book a session with me here. I look forward to guiding you – objectively and on point.

Step by step guide without Tarot visual guide

Identify the situation you want to work on – this will be your FOCUS. It could be an event, a relationship, work, a project or whatever you need to have a better awareness. FOCUS and use the Tri-unity Approach. 

1. Point of reference: Past, present, future

  • FOCUS and reflect how it went last week (past), how it is currently (present), and how you want it to be by week’s end – your desired outcome (future).
  • The past refers to what occurred last week. It may apply to a similar experience or even a recurring pattern related to your FOCUS.
  • The present refers to what is happening NOW. NOW is the current week.
  • The future refers to what you expect to happen – your desired or anticipated outcome by the end of the current week or the following week.

2. Enhancing your awareness: Positive + negative = middle ground

a. Positive represents your awareness

  • Past: What did you see/do/think/feel
  • Present: What do you see/do/think/feel
  • Future: What do you want to see/do/think/feel
  • Once you’ve identified the past, present and future ‘whats’, ask why, how, where, who, when

b. Negative represents your lack of awareness

  • Past: What did you not see/do/think/feel
  • Present: What are you not seeing/doing/thinking/feeling
  • Future: What do you not want to see/do/think/feel
  • Once you’ve identified the past, present and future ‘whats’, ask why, how, where, who, when

c. The middle ground represents your approach towards improving your awareness.

  • What/who do you need (resources) to enhance your awareness?
  • What are you willing/prepared to do (effort) to improve awareness?
  • How much time do you need to raise your awareness fully or sufficiently to be confident in your decision?
  • How does your enhanced awareness impact your understanding, assessment, planning, decision-making and action?

Step by step guide with Tarot visual guide

3. If you need a nudge to uncover potential blindsides or wild cards, use the Tarot as a visual guide and follow the next steps, after which go back to steps 1 & 2.

  • Potential Implications regarding your FOCUS
  • What story do the visuals of the card tell you? Who is the main character in that story – you or someone else?
  • Use the keyword(s) provided (if applicable) if you are a newbie.
  • How do you resonate with the keyword(s), story, and character – what comes to mind?
  • What are their positive and negative implications?
  • How can you optimise the positive and mitigate the negative?
  • Your answer is your middle ground which can represent strategies, decisions, and actions you can pursue that are acceptable to you.

All the best and have a great week ahead!


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