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Nine of Swords
She’ll need all her mental strength in this journey with all the potentially damaging information that’ll be given to the media. It has started and it’s not going to stop. People’s thoughts and emotions will be manipulated to project a worrisome image of Helen Clark. Those who are weak will be easily influenced to her detriment.

Ten of Pentacles
The best strategy for Helen Clark is to focus on her solid track record of reliability, groundedness, strength and all the successful projects and implementations she’s had. She should not only put across her desire to shake the United Nations with changes but share her visions of why and how, under her leadership, the UN will be a formidable organisation for world peace and development supported by long term goals that her successor can continue. Continuity is important.

The Hermit
If Helen Clark’s intentions and plans aren’t clear and leaves room for other’s assumptions, she’ll find herself outnumbered and disadvantaged. She needs to align herself with a handful of loyal yet influential allies. She can’t be a lone wolf. She also needs good PR to redirect what’s being hurled at her. She might not be as popular and if she doesn’t get this post, it’ll be a great loss to the United Nations and the world. As the Hermit signifies, she can really “shine light” as the head of the United Nations because of her ability to “look far and wide.”

The Outcome
If it’s all about her abilities, experience, competence and noble intentions she should get this job in a heartbeat.

With dirty politics and individual vested interests of the key people around her, it’ll really be a tough battle to win, but it’s not impossible.

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