Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards

The Gipsy Fortune Telling Cards from Piatnik: a card-by-card feature by Tarot Zamm.

This deck is worth checking out if you’re keen to shuffle in Gipsy Lenormand style! These interesting cards have name titles in 6 languages and are simply quite fascinating with quaint images and very detailed backgrounds that will open up secret thoughts and meanings.

Cards contain many of the delicate romantic Romany Gipsy Lenormand Colours and symbolism. They are well presented for the price, fun and easy to read.

Meanings of each of the 36-cards

GIFT: Joyful turnaround. 
STABILITY: Stability, unchanged. “The Eye of God”, which happens, is according to a higher will. 
DISEASE: Physical or mental illness. A bad state of mind, hindrance. JUDGMENT: Official, serious decision. 
WOMEN: Discomfort, irritability. 
CONFLICT: Racer, rival, intrigue. Our own shadow side. 
FUNCTIONALITY: Jealousy, fear, fear. 
THOUGHT: Blonde male or intellectual activity, planning. 
CHILDREN: Children of the interviewer or rumour, gossip. 
DEATH: unfavourable but not necessarily tragic fate. 
DAMAGE: Risk of trickery, something might fail. 
HOUSE: Home, home, parental house. 
FRIENDSHIP: Own family, marriage, or business association. 
FAITHFULNESS: Perseverance of honesty. 
IMMEDIATE: A dark-haired man. Workplace obligations. 
LOW MONEY: A smaller amount of penny problems. 
VISIT: Guest. Uncertainty, contingency. 
BEAUTIFUL: Deep spiritual life. Clear intentions. Helper. 
LETTER: Letter, invitation, official document. 
ORGANIZATION: Celebration, family event, optimism. 
WOMAN: Older lady, often the interviewer’s mother. 
WEDDING MAN: Older man, many times his father. 
MONEY: Larger amount. 
HOPE: Hope. Long-term realization. 
LOVE: Love, love, joy. 
LOVE WOMAN: “Queen of the Heart”. The interviewer means if the interviewer is a woman. If you are a questioner, it means your current or future pair. 
SERIES: Good luck, good turn. 
DISABILITY: Failure, inconvenience, bad luck. 
LOVER: “King of the Heart”. The interviewer means if the interviewer is a man. If the interviewer grows, then his current or future partner. 
BEAUTY: Blonde woman, or feeling sick, sad, depressed. 
TOLVAJ: Someone wants to harm, financially or psychologically. 
TRAVEL: Quickly occurring events. Travel. 
MESSAGE: A very quick occurrence of an event. News, message. 
CUT: Dark haired woman. Longing, craving. 
UNEXPECTED JOY: sudden luck, unexpected material goods. 
LOSS: The interviewer feels loser. Damage, material loss.

Source: Wikipedia

62-page instruction booklet in German, English, French, Hungarian, Italian and Croatian.

The booklet contains unique Gipsy Card Spreads from years gone by and Gipsy’s Answers.

36 Brand New Unopened Card Deck

Please note the maker Paitnik do not cellophane seal this type of deck.

Product Details (Amazon)

Includes Card Pouch.
Made in Vienna, Austria.
Card Size: 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ (6 cm x 9 cm) approximately.
Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 3.9 x 0.8 inches
Shipping Weight: 2.9 ounces
ASIN: 3930944774
Item model number: 1901

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