Free Tarot Reading: COVID19 NZ INSIGHT

COVID19 NZ Tarot Reading Insight

August 13, 2020 – After listening to the press conference I wanted to gain some insight for myself regarding the second wave of COVID19 here in New Zealand. I’m sharing the insight with you, in case you find it useful.

Featured Tarot Deck: Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne

Watch the video for the ful insight.

Tarot Cards Drawn – Five Card Spread + Overview Card

1. Queen of Wands – Resonance & Purpose

2. Three of Swords – Disappointments

3.The Wheel – Changes

4. Seven of Swords – Losing something precious

5. Ace of Swords – Self-awareness for strategic decision-making

6. Bonus Card/Overview: Eight of Pentacles – Recognition

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