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Be a patron and help Zamm in her creative endeavours to continuously bring you helpful contents through her existing and future projects. Your support can make all these projects happen. As a patron, you become part of an exclusive group of like-minded individuals where community interaction – focused on personal growth and supporting each other – is encouraged.

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As a token of Zamm’s appreciation, you’ll have access to

Tarot deck flip-throughs

Zamm has been making the Tarot deck flip-throughs for many years now. She does this to showcase different decks for you to see and gauge if it’s a deck you would like to get for yourself. There’s a long playlist of Tarot deck flip-throughs on her YouTube channel which aims to help you decide on choosing the deck that resonates with you. It is best to look before you buy. Your token of support will help with the cost of buying each deck to feature. Hopefully, your support could also help achieve Zamm’s goal of searching for and featuring hard-to-find and out-of-print vintage Tarot decks in the future. When you support this project, you can also email Zamm your request of Tarot deck to feature. She’ll keep you updated with the decks to be featured next.

Vlog posts

Zamm would love to continue posting Vlogs regularly – not just about the Tarot deck flip-throughs, but to continue with the Tarot for Life Tips, and regular postings beyond Tarot – talking about life, goals, struggles, what it is about being human and topics that you’d request Zamm to write. Anything that could help you find clarity or answers to life’s mysteries would be a wonderful opportunity to Vlog about. With your support, it’ll be a huge help to make this happen, and you’d be in the know about the next topic before it becomes available publicly.

Writing the next book

Writing a quality book takes a lot of energy and time. For Zamm’s first book – Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of Our World Book 1 – it took her three years. Two years of research and a year of writing. It also took further research to find the best people to complete the book – the graphic design, layout and brilliant editing. Then when everything was done and dusted, publishing the book was the next huge task. Because of the collective hard work, Zamm was fortunate to have this book recognised as one of the top five books in the Mind Body Spirit genre in New Zealand in 2018.

There are three books in the immediate line-up, two of which will complete the Discover the Inner Workings of Our World Series, Book 2 – Tarot and Book 3 – Dreams. The next book that is set to be published in 2021 is the follow-up to Book 1- Intuition. This book is currently in the works and will be based on Zamm’s Masteral research project on Applied Management – which will focus on Intuition in the workplace. If Book 1 – Intuition helped you in your personal life, the follow-up book aims to examine and present a clearer way of using the Zamm’s Intuition Quadrants (ZIQ1 and ZIQ2) to replicate and transfer intuition in an organisational setting. with your support, Zamm will continuously update you with the book’s progress.

Live Streams

Live streaming also takes a lot of time and resources – from preparation to streaming. Zamm aims to access a platform that can stream to a large number of participants where live interaction can take place without the usual time-limits. When you support this goal as a patron, you become part of Patrons of Tarot Zamm where you can have live interaction with Zamm – video, audio or by posts. Interactions include Q&As, topic discussions or just hanging out virtually. You’ll be advised of the schedule prior so you can participate when you have the chance, or just watch a recording if you miss it.

Patrons of Tarot Zamm

Thank you for deciding to be part of Zamm’s projects. It means so much to her. She also looks forward to getting to know her supporters at Patrons of Tarot Zamm. Below are the time frames of the project(s) you are supporting.

1. Mid to Late June 2021 – Patrons of Tarot Zamm is fresh and new. The group’s platform is currently being organised.

2. Tarot deck flip-throughs are posted fortnightly. As a patron, you’ll have the line-up of the features for the year.

3. The follow-up book on Intuition is set for 2021. Book 2 – Tarot will be by 2022. Book 3 – Dreams will be by 2023.

4. Live streams in the group platform will start on between the 3rd week of June to the 1st week of July.

If you can’t be a patron just yet, you can also tip Zamm!

Once again, thank you so much for your generous support!