Awareness of Signs

How to Find Insight Intuitively Through Awareness of Signs

A Practical Example


When facing a crossroads or needing the insight to decide, you need to practice the logical and fact-based/information-based approach first. How?

  1. Have a thorough understanding of your concern/dilemma.  
  2. If your concern/dilemma seems complicated, chunk it down. Simplify and separate the complication into specific areas. The results will give you a step-by-step or task-oriented approach.
  3. Gather all the information you need to use to process concern and come up with options.
  4. Weigh your options (ex. pros and cons, before and after scenarios, probable consequences, resource requirement, etc.)
  5. Bounce off your ideas with a confidante.
  6. Let everything sink in for a few days.
  7. Once you’ve settled your mind and emotions, look at your concern/dilemma again using your *intuition this time.
  8. If you are happy with the results from processing all the information you have gathered, then you can confidently make your decision.
  9. If you still need another form of reassurance – from the ether, the Universe or whoever the centre of your faith is – then you can use the help of SIGNS.
  10. You’ll find a practical example below – it is how I go through my process of seeking insight from the signs around me. You can use it as a starting point, or you can create your own.

*Learn the realities and practicalities of your own intuition through ‘The Zammtopia Method’ classes or have a good start by reading my book, ‘Intuition: Discover the Inner Workings of Our World – Book 1’

My thought process

How many among you usually look for signs when you have issues or concerns you need to sort?

Certainly, looking for signs doesn’t mean that you will solely rely on them – all the time.

I usually approach finding insight in a very logical and practical way. I also use my intuition. But then, sometimes even if I’ve fully engaged logic and intuition, I still need a bit of reassurance. When that happens, then that’s the time I look for signs.

Looking for signs is not superstitious or airy fairy for me. I use my environment to stimulate further insight. It’s like going to a museum and getting inspired by a painting or work of art.

I am the type of person who believes that everything is connected.

If we are indeed connected, then one way or the other, the forces/influences that we might not yet fully understand would be available to guide us. Often, this perspective of mine has helped me in many ways, so on the odd times that I need reassurance, I practice my awareness for signs.

There is no lack of signs around us. We can find it everywhere provided, of course, we are aware.

When we have switched on this awareness, it’s not so much that we turn our head everywhere, widen our eyes and try to hear everything audible to identify the signs. It is more about our attention, about being drawn by our senses – what we see, hear or feel. The signs are like magnets. They stick to our consciousness!

When we see something, it will leave a significant impression because there is a sense of connection, of resonance and most especially of the feeling – what you sense (see, hear or feel) – that provides the meaning or answer you are looking for. There is this unmistakable sense of reassurance.

Since I’m a visual person, it is more often what I see. Other times, it could be what I hear or feel. On odd occasions, what I see, hear and feel in my dreams. And of course, what I sense from my go-to intuition tool – the Tarot.

Unfortunately, many of us have become blind, deaf and unfeeling of these signs as a way of filtering too much information around us. Either that or we have become lazy in practising awareness because we want everything conveniently and instantly handed to us – like a ‘Yes or No’ answer which can be truly limiting and even frustrating. We want to be spoon fed and use our brains with the least effort possible.

I feel that we have become scavengers for answers instead of hunters for what lies beyond the surface, is hidden or elusive, and holds great wisdom and fulfilment.

I’m not judgmental about these tendencies of ours, because I also have them. I’m just merely stating an observation. In having said that, by acknowledging this tendency, then I become aware and can do something constructive about it.

If we would like to harness the power of intuition through connectedness, then becoming aware of signs is a good avenue to explore.

Signs can come from the people we know or random strangers we have no interaction with except that perhaps we’ve overheard their conversation.

I believe that there is (1) shared consciousness or unconsciousness and (2) a higher power. By connecting to both, we can help each other – consciously or unconsciously – by providing breadcrumbs of insight through signs and other channels.

When we choose to be mindful of these breadcrumbs, the path that we need to take becomes clearer.

We can pick up these breadcrumbs/signs from many sources. When we overhear some strangers’ conversation, something they say could resonate with and speaks to us – touching on our concern and triggering insight. It’s amazing to realise that some strangers – who we overheard – have helped and they will never know that they did.

The Dilemma

I’ve been consciously connecting with my environment the past week because I have a dilemma that has been weighing heavily on me for the past year.

I have been logical in weighing out the pros and cons of both options.

I have also read the Tarot for myself to derive more insight – considering the possibilities and consequences of both options.

There is absolutely no lack of a pragmatic and intuitive approach.

I have thought of it many times, explored different options – and yet, I still am torn about which way to go.

I still need a sign or signs coming from the connected consciousness or unconsciousness for support or reassurance about my potential decision. And to my delight and relief – the signs – they never disappoint me.

So, here’s my dilemma.

I’ve been thinking hard about the next step and the best way to reach and help more people.

I enjoy guiding people with face to face readings immensely. I get unparalleled fulfilment knowing that the people I read Tarot cards for are finally feeling empowered – to do what they think is best – based on the insight they have derived from the readings.

However, I also realise that although a face to face session is very effective, it can be very limiting in terms of reach and number – if it becomes the only approach I utilise in guiding people.

I aim to reach more people, give them more options and flexibility in finding their path – not just from Tarot readings but also from supplemental and supportive materials focused on nurturing and strengthening intuition through self-awareness and self-appreciation.

The only way I can do this is to support my face-to-face sessions (readings and classes) with online alternatives available 24/7 and accessible – as long as there is internet connectivity.

Since shifting online is the focus, the question is whether I should keep my office or work entirely from home. Which set-up will give me more support and flexibility?

The Signs

Equipped with awareness, I found signs from my windows screensaver, a particular tree facing me across the dining table where I work (from home) and of course, by drawing a Tarot card I got the Knight of Pentacles.  

While writing this post, I referred to the pictures I took of the screensavers. I was so surprised to realise that I took both pictures at 931am on June 19th and 24th (five days apart). I took a picture of the specific tree that resonated with me at 940am on June 19th. I drew and took a picture of the Knight of Pentacles – the 12th card in the suit of Pentacles – on June 25th at 221pm. I took the pictures so I can mull over them later. I did not intend to take these pictures at the specified times. It just happened. Was it a coincidence or a sign?

The numbers

I’m not into numerology.

However, the times seemed important, so I tried my best to make sense of them.

I added all the numbers that accompanied the signs I saw – time and date and the placement of the Tarot card – which gave me the sum of eight (8).

Screensaver 1 = 931am + 6 (June) + 19th = 29 = 2+9 = 11

Screensaver 2 = 931am + 6 (June) + 24th = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7

The Tree = 940am + 6 (June) + 19th = 38 = 3 + 8 = 11

Knight of Pentacles = 1421pm + 6 (June) + 25th + 12th (Knight of Pentacles) = 51 = 5 + 1 = 6

Total = 11 + 7 + 11 + 6 = 35 = 3 + 5 = 8

In Chinese culture and beliefs, eight is a lucky number because the Chinese pronunciation of the number Eight (八; accounting 捌; pinyin bā) is the same as the word that means ‘to generate wealth’ (發(T) 发(S); Pinyin: fā).

I thought this was a good start.

My resonance with the number eight is for infinity ∞ – it looks like a sideways eight. Since the eight is lying on the side, it reminds me of a more relaxed state of being. By changing the position an upright state to lying-on-its-side relaxed state of being, then the number eight becomes infinity.  

Infinity is limitless.

Infinity is endless.

Infinity is timeless.

Infinity is abundance.

What does this mean for me?

I feel that the number eight (8) lying on its side (infinity) is a sign encouraging me to continue what I’m doing, albeit I need a change of ‘position’ or ‘perspective’ and a more relaxed state of being.

Which between my two options – keeping my office or entirely working from home – do you think can provide me with a more relaxed state of being? When is the best time to make it happen?

The answer now becomes suddenly so clear.

I finally got the support and reassurance I need from the Universe – backing up my pros and cons, logic and plans.

The pictures (visuals)

Screensaver 1

Screensaver 1

Looking at this screensaver makes me feel like I’m on top of the world! I see a strange world from this perspective. Arriving at this point to have this marvellous perspective was a hard climb. But I made it.

This picture, which is so reassuring, could even be foreshadowing what is yet to come. I’ve been struggling to climb up the ‘mountain’ all these years. I’ve made good progress, certainly. But with a new route courtesy of infinity – via a more relaxed state of being – the chance of summiting is finally foreseeable.

It will still be a tough journey, but taking the right route at the right time is the key!

Screensaver 2

When we go to a museum, we become witnesses to significant pieces of history that have been preserved for future generations to appreciate. Many pieces in the museum were deliberate finds. Some were accidental finds. The main task for a museum is to preserve what gives us access to and appreciation of the past. Not everyone goes to a museum, but a museum will always provide a profound opportunity to connect to the past, inspire the present and influence the future!

This thought inspired me to reconsider where to focus my priorities and strategies, which brings me back to my mission, back to what got me started – to create memorable, influential and universal lessons, that will be relevant across time. And, to also provide ‘a museum’ for these lessons knowing that it will not be for everyone, but it will be available for everyone who is genuinely interested in them.

The lessons will always aim to help people realise their (1) worth, (2) true and undying essence and (3) accomplishments that will, in turn, be their legacy – what they will be remembered for – and contribution to inspiring the people in their lives by living a thriving life. 

The Tree

The Tree - The living network - Tarot Zamm
The Tree

What caught my attention is the branches of the tree is how I imagine its roots could also look like.

The roots and branches are part of a living network – of connected pathways – that distribute the nutrients throughout the tree, enabling it to grow and thrive.

The tree, its network, and how it grows, got me thinking about creating a similar system for my business to thrive. I know this already, but the tree gave me a deeper appreciation of how life-giving such system is, especially for business.

Creating this sustainable and self-managing system is vital to growth.  I will need good ‘soil’, lots of ‘sun’, other vital ‘nutrients’ and harmony with ‘nature and environment’ to breathe life into my goals.

The system will include establishing channels that will distribute my online lessons effectively and intuitively – to make it easily and readily accessible to those who seek them.

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles - Golden Universal Tarot - Tarot Zamm
The Knight of Pentacles

The Pentacles is about accomplishments, action, and what is required to make them happen – steadfastness, discipline, consistency, productivity and the resources needed to support the process of accomplishing.

The Knight is mid-level energy, reminding me that I have more than enough to build on. I will require all the time I need to ensure that what I create is sound, solid and progressive.

The Decision

The signs are encouraging me to pursue my next steps in a more relaxed state of being – a place that would allow me the time and energy without being rushed or stressed thinking about huge financial strains from office rents and other overheads, etc.

Which option gives me this? My home, of course. It doesn’t mean that I will never have an office again. For now, I need to leverage and use my resources optimally and wisely.

Think of it as the big bang – first, there was intense contraction before the explosion and then the steadfast expansion. It is the process of creation, and I embrace it.

After a year of thinking hard, thanks to the help of the signs around me,
I have decided to give up my office at The Terrace – I’ll be there until the end of August.

Starting September, I will be working from my home office – continuously providing face-to-face and online sessions (Tarot readings, 1-on-1 classes, small group classes, group Tarot readings).

So next time you need a face-to-face session, we could have it over a cup of tea or coffee in a more relaxed setting – in the comforts and privacy of my home office.

Many blessings to you!