A-Z Day 16: Past Life Reading

By Nutschell Anne Windsor – Reposted with permission: Originally posted April 19, 2011

I’m always open to new experiences (as long as it doesn’t involve danger to myself and to others). I find that they enrich my mind, give me brand new perspectives, and are a great source of writing inspiration and story ideas.

So when my tarot reader cousin offered to do a past life reading for me, I jumped at the chance.

Tarot Zamm's Tarot Reading Room
Tarot Zamm’s Tarot Reading Room

I had all sorts of ideas about what I would discover about my past life. It would be exciting to find out I was an explorer in the medieval ages, or an artist in the Renaissance period.

The logical, practical side of my brain usually kicks in at some point and starts making statements which takes away the excitement of a new experience. At the moment it was telling me, “Even if you assume Reincarnation is real, nobody can really tell you who and what you were in your past life unless they had a time machine.”

So I entered the past life reading session with a skeptical mind. My cousin Zamm was all the way in New Zealand so the reading was done over the phone. She began by asking me how many times she should cut the cards. I said three, and while she cut them, she explained that she could would go back only two lifetimes prior and relate those two to my present lifetime. I said “okay,” with a mental shrug and waited while she laid out the cards.

She flipped the cards open and began my reading.

She said I had the gift of making friendship connections and establishing long lasting bonds with others. Placed in any situation, I had the ability to find a way to bridge relationships. Because of my gift for establishing connections, I tend to have internal conflicts, because I always think of what others are feeling. I sacrifice my personal comforts to help others.

She told me that my SOUL’S PURPOSE in this lifetime and in my past two lifetimes was very consistent—maintaining family ties, and building strong friendships. Family and friends were (and still are) very important to me. When I experience pressure or stress from other areas of my life such as work, I always turn to my loved ones for comfort.

Two lifetimes ago, I was always the creator of new friendships, and the bearer of good tidings. God, or the universe gave me the gift of financial security but I gave too much of myself. I gave away all I had, and this left me in need of it at the end of my life.

A lifetime ago, God, or the universe gave me the gift of brilliance of mind. I had the tendency to overanalyze things, and myself in particular. I had many fears in terms of relationships and finances. This was born out of my experience in the previous lifetime where I had the tendency to be abused by people whom I’ve helped.

God or the universe made a bargain with me to rectify my experiences in the past two lifetimes. He would give me several GIFTS which I can use in this lifetime—the gift of financial success (can’t wait for that one!), and the ability to help others. Every endeavor I touch will apparently result in triumph (I don’t know about that, but I know I’ll keep on trying to succeed at something).

The other side of the bargain has to come from me. While God/universe may have given me gifts, I have within me, several TENDENCIES which I need to be aware of. One is that circumstances in my life can easily change. For instance, I might come into a lot of money, but I tend to squander them easily. I shouldn’t worry as much because what I lose, I eventually gain back; but I do need to learn to hold on to my money.

In this lifetime I also have many challenges in terms of relationships. I have heartaches because people around me might not always act in the best of ways. In this case, a change in my consciousness might be in order. I must learn to understand that each person is different, and if they do something which might be hurtful to me, I must learn to let it go and not take it too much to heart.

The Past Life Reading was certainly far from what I expected it to be. She explained things in general terms, but they didn’t feel vague to me. In fact, they felt very specific. The things she told me were things I already somehow knew about myself.

If I took the time to sit down and reflect on what was important in my life, what my life’s purpose was, what I was good at, and the things I have to improve on—I would probably come up with the same answers as the Soul’s Purpose, Gifts and Tendencies which my cousin told me about.

The Past Life Reading session was certainly a fruitful experience. It gave me the opportunity to think about what really mattered to me and what my purpose was in this life.

As with books and gadgets, I don’t recommend experiences unless I’ve actually tried it and loved it.  I would certainly recommend a past life reading with Zamm to any of my friends. (And it’s not just because she’s my cousin. It’s because I’ve tried sessions with other “psychics”, and my session with Zamm is by far the most helpful and least contrived one I’ve ever had. Even if you’re not the type of person who believes in Reincarnation or past lives, you might find the past life reading to be an eye-opening experience. At the very least, the session will tell you things about yourself which you either didn’t know, or always knew, but never had the time to reflect on.

If you want to know more about Past Life Readings or are interested in getting one, check out ZAMM’s WEBSITE.

And if you find yourself in Wellington, New Zealand, drop by her office at the Terrace and book a reading.

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