The World – Tarot Weekly Reminder

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the World

When we are functioning optimally, the energies it represents for us would be
– feeling bliss,
– satisfaction from everything working accordingly,
– being in a very good place in life,
– the desire to explore and travel the world or
– the culmination of years of hard work and self-mastery.

When we are weaker than usual in mind, body and spirit, then we may experience
– being overwhelmed and pulled in many directions,
– external and internal disharmony,
– feeling disillusioned with life and world developments,
– living in a “cage” or
– feeling empty.

For centuries man has been curious about what comprises his space and its boundaries. Explorers, adventures, trail blazers and colonisers have laid claims to lands far and wide. The result is a mixture of progress and oppression. It may seem that the world’s main purpose is for conquest, nothing more.

Our world maybe this Earth we live in, but it could also be the life we have created for ourself – graced by the people we love and enriched by our experiences. Oftentimes it can be multifaceted, revolving around our interests and dreams. Other times it could be so small, being confined to either just ourself or together with our romantic partner. Whatever the world is to us, we all desire to have the three most precious things in it – love, peace and happiness.

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The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by The World – by Tarot Zamm.