Wellington Attractions

Check out some things to do in Wellington, New Zealand for the holidays or your cruise shore excursion, and book your TAROT Reading with TAROT ZAMM. Welcome!

Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa

Of course, you must see the museum to appreciate New Zealand history and enjoy special foreign art exhibits visiting New Zealand. If you’re lucky enough, you can see the works of the Masters, be awed by very special exhibits from the Wellington moviedom such as the Lord of the Rings Exhibit (in 2006, watch out for the Hobbit exhibit, I have a strong feeling there’s going to be one after the movie in 2012 ).

The Weta Cave

No visit to Middle Earth is complete without checking out the Weta Cave. See all the fantastic works of art from the LOTR and other movies done by Weta Digital. Make sure to have some good amount of money with you or your credit card ready if you are an avid collector. You would certainly want to buy everything!

Celebrity Hunt

Drive along the Bays, particularly from Shelly Bay to Karaka Bay, and have a glimpse of the actors of the Hobbit. You can also try hanging out along Courtney Place or by the Waterfront. With patience and a bit of luck you’ll surely see or even meet one. In my case, I’ve seen Martin Freeman (Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit) along the Bays, John Howe – artist of The LOTR Trilogy and The Hobbit along Courtney Place.

Shelly Bay to Karaka Bay

Shelly Bay to Karaka Bay

Special mention to the very charismatic, accommodating and friendly Mr. Temuera Morrison of The Green Lantern (Abin Sur) and StarWars (Jango Fett) whom I met in a Kebab place along Courtney Place. He was so friendly to pause for a picture with me and give me a signed memento from StarWars (His picture with his autograph! He is so cool! ).

Courtney Place

Courtney Place


Just try something unusual. Have a taste of France while in Welly! What better way but to have the deliciously sweet or savoury authentic French Crepes. Just writing about them here make my mouth water- yummy yummo!!!


Crepes-A-GoGo. Picture from Wellington Foodie Tour on a Budget


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KARORI Bird Sanctuary and the Wellington’s Botanic Gardens

. If you love nature, visit these two places. You could easily spend most of the day there without noticing time passing by. You’ll absolutely love them!