War on Terror: June and July 2016

The War on Terror – What we know and need to know for June and July 2016

War on Terror June July 2016
War on Terror June and July 2016 by Tarot Zamm

June – Ace of Pentacles.
We’ve already seen this strong impactful attacks. In Orlando and Paris. The terror attacks will be committed by individuals with efficiency – in numbers or quality. Perpetrators are not just nationals of but born in the country they attack, The Ace of Pentacles can also signify they are self taught/ self-radicalised. These attacks are well-planned with enough information gathered through months of research / surveillance.

The Ace of Pentacles signifies opportunities and opportunists. Selfish reasons, gratification or the need for redemption will drive these attacks. It’s the perfect opportunity to “remember” or “be remembered” for the perpetrators. It wouldn’t also be surprising if there are health issues influencing the perpetrators.

Opportunists include the hooligans causing mayhem and hurting people after the football matches in Europe and other similar scenarios.

There could be more of this before the month ends.
July – Strength
Strength signifies power and loyalties. There is definitely strength in numbers. This could mean that perpetrators will be working as group, inspired and supported by groups, or attacks can be done simultaneously in coordination.

Focus on places where people meet – not just in the real world but also online – i.e. forums, the dark web and similar sites that facilitate such “meetings.” This is the way to catch and preempt such incidences in July. In the same light, perpetrators will target places of congregation or that can yield more damage.

These attacks aim to weaken security measures put in place by nations forcing governments to declare a state of emergency. All this time, perpetrators and their supporters will try to identify gaps and vulnerabilities to exploit – in logistics, delivery of aid/services, communication, coordination and resources.