War on Terror: August 2016

War on Terror: What we need to know for August 2016 by Tarot Zamm

The Page of Cups

The state of things will form new alliances and emotions are stirred significantly. Expectations are seen to develop to fruition – on both camps – terrorism and counter-terrorism.

The Page of Cups highlights the surge in recruitment on both sides – jihadists and young adults who want to change the world for the better. They will be targeted as instigator and defender, as well as victims.

Places where we can easily find very young kids to young adults, such as schools, universities, creches, daycare, playgrounds, churches, clubs, malls, hospitals, etc. are the focus in terms of prevention and protection from attacks.

The world continues to feel the impact of terrorism which has gotten worse in July. People are anxious, even in going through their daily lives.

However, no matter how greatly affected people are, the momentum required to unite the world to fight back, individually yet collectively, is not enough.

People remain on the “wait-and-see” phase, expecting all the work to be done by their governments and key organisations. In this light, the Page of Cups calls us to take initiative, in every which way we can, to contribute towards our fight against terrorism.

The Page of Cups can also signify a very weak energy in terms of security and protection. It screams of VULNERABILTIY.

The powers that be need to tighten security in the places mentioned previously, and people must remain vigilant.

Security on the net should also be heightened, targeting and monitoring platforms used as a venue to express discontent and grievances by young people towards government, society and the rule of law.

The Page of Cups, in fighting the war on terror, encourages active compassion, cooperation, alliances and initiative.

War on Terror August 2016
War on Terror August 2016 by Tarot Zamm