TAROT Zamm on the Voynich Manuscript

Tarot Zamm on the Voynich Manuscript

The FACTS – What do we know about the Voynich Manuscript?

The following are directly quoted from studies, researches and analysis on the Voynich Manuscript with their references.

What is the Voynich Manuscript?
“The facts regarding the Voynich manuscript can be told quickly. It is a handwritten book of 246 pages containing numerous illustrations and approximately 170,000 characters. What is special about it? The script employed is utterly unknown and therefore illegible. According to a radiocarbon analysis conducted in 2009 by the University of Arizona, the manuscript was created in the first half of the fifteenth century (probably between 1404 and 1438).”

Manuscript sections
“Based on the illustrations, the manuscript has traditionally been divided into six sections: (1) herbal, containing drawings of plants; (2) Astronomical, containing zodiac-like illustrations; (3) Biological, mainly containing drawings of female human figures; (4) Cosmological, consisting of circular illustrations; (5) Pharmaceutical, containing drawing of small containers and parts of plants, and (6) Stars (sometimes referred to as Recipes), containing very dense text with drawings of stars in the margins.”

“While some scholars have written it off as a Renaissance-era hoax full of nonsense text, others say the pattern of the letters and words suggest the book was written in a real language or at least an invented cipher. A recent statistical study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that “Voynichese” adheres to linguistic rules. Bax While some scholars have written it off as a Renaissance-era hoax full of nonsense text, others say the pattern of the letters and words suggest the book was written in a real language or at least an invented cipher. A recent statistical study published in the journal PLOS ONE found that “Voynichese” adheres to linguistic rules.

Stephen Bax, a professor of applied linguistics at the University of Bedfordshire in England, says he’s deciphered 14 characters of the script and can read a handful of items in the Voynich text, such as the words for coriander, hellebore and juniper next to drawings of the plants. Bax notes that the manuscript is still a long way from being understood, and that he is coming forward with what he’s found thus far in the hopes that other linguists will work with him to crack the code. For now, he thinks the book is “probably a treatise on nature, perhaps in a Near Eastern or Asian language.” “http://www.livescience.com/43542-voynich-manuscript-10-words-cracked.html

“Dr Marcelo Montemurro from the University of Manchester and Dr Damian Zanette from the Centro Atómico Bariloche e Instituto Balseiro, Argentina, claim to have found linguistic patterns in the world’s most mysterious book, the Voynich manuscript.
Dr Montemurro and his colleague argue that the hoax hypothesis cannot possibly explain the semantic patterns they have discovered. They suggest that any underlying code or language in the Voynich manuscript has a strong connection between morphology and semantics, recalling scripts where – as in the cases of Chinese and hierographical Ancient Egyptian – the graphical form of words directly derives from their meaning,” the researchers wrote.” http://www.sci-news.com/othersciences/linguistics/science-voynich-manuscript-message-01195.html

My take on the Voynich Manuscripts starts at 3:40

The Unknowns:
Who wrote the Manuscript? Why was it written? How do we use or read or decode the book?

What the Tarot presents – The 5 cards are (in order):
1. King of Pentacles
2. 6 of Pentacles
3. Queen of Wands
4. The Hierophant
5. Prince of Wands

TAROT Cards for the Voynich Manuscript

Meaning 1 -posted on April 9, 2015 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSlsqadpaow

There are many interpretations of the TAROT. However, based on your interpretation we could also look at it as: that a prominent man who had the means (King of Pentacles) funded (6 of Pentacles) this project and commissioned a woman or a man with a very strong strong feminine influence to create the book (Queen of Wands). The intention was to leave a legacy about a universal order (The Hierophant) that can help future generations, specifically targeting the youth, to influence a deeper spiritual connection (Prince of Wands) . This generous legacy (more of 6 of Pentacles) is meant to ascertain humanity to thrive (more on the Hierophant).

Meaning 2 – Spontaneous take on the Voynich Manuscript on May 3, 2015

Maybe we are looking at it in the wrong way. Maybe the secret to decoding it is not finding out what the code means but perhaps by giving meaning to the code. It is not so much the letters that we need to decode but perhaps the key to decoding it is by word or maybe even by paragraph.

Or maybe the Manuscript should be read as it is written with an accompanying ritual which can lead the reader to a trance where in he deciphers the meaning of the part of the manuscript that resonates with him/her on a very personal level.

Maybe the voynich manuscript is supposed to have different meanings for different individuals- meanings that can help them towards enlightenment and/or wisdom.

The King of Pentacles is the ritual accompanying the recitation of the manuscript that will provide limitless interpretations (6 of Pentacles) according to whoever reads the manuscript. It can be anything about our physical world, our own physical self, our engagement or the way we live life – each of the unique interpretation revealed to whoever is performing the ritual and reading is meant to be a generous resource towards success. The messages revealed are manifested in the spiritual nature that can manifest into visions while in trance-like state (Queen of Wands) which can also reveal an individual’s calling or purpose in this lifetime (The Hierophant) which must be lived by as one’s life map (The Hierophant).

The Manuscript is not for everyone, since with the privilege of the message comes the responsibility of living it. It would required constancy which in its absence can be overwhelming for the reader/”ritualist” (Prince of Wands).

The materials used was ensured to be of high quality (King of Pentacles), so it can withstood the test of time (Hierophant), most especially because it is meant to be a mystical/spiritual revelation (Queen of Wands) that can reveal many secrets to life (6 of Pentacles) and keeping the spirit strong and active (Prince of Wands).

The key is not so much in decoding the letters (King of Pentacles) but in breathing life or spirit (Queen of Wands) into them through pronunciation by using existing ones from known old languages (The Hierophant).

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