US Elections


What can we expect for the US under each of their term? Who is favourable to win?


Donald Trump:
Grail Knight – He truly believes that he’s running for the good of America. He will try everything in his power to “woo the people” by his “offer of love.” In other words, he will take advantage of raw emotions and discontent. His campaign is very much emotionally based. And it will work.

Sword King – He can be calculated, resolute, logical but also cold. He has the mental abilities to rule firmly to the point of becoming “dictatorial.”

Three Sword – If he wins, people will be disappointed because he will not be able to fulfill all his promises. And yet the promises he will fulfill could bring disharmony and discord for the US, as a country. It’ll be heartbreaking.

Overview: For both his supporters and detractors, there will be disappointment. We can only hold on to the hope of the Swords Three, that there will also be disappointment for Donald Trump. Winning the presidency is not in harmony with the energies around him.

Bernie Sanders:
X – The Round Table (Wheel of Fortune) – He is sincere in his desire to change the system and the path the US is heading. He can actually achieve this, but it would be like a rollercoaster ride for him and the US (people and goverment) during his term. He will manage to initiate change, which can continue after his term.

XI – Sovereignty – This means that he will be motivated by Justice – do the things the right way, yet this may also signify that if the election rules and mechanics were fair, he would win. But because it is not, then the next card describes the outcome of his candidacy.

Grail Eight – He would really like to move the US forward, with all honesty and sincerity. But like Donald Trump, the energies around him is not too favourable toward his victory.

Overview: Yes, he means well. He wants change. He can be just and be a very good president. He also has the backing of the people who want to replace the existing system (this we very well know – similar to the supporters of Trump). But the existing election processes for his party will not give him this chance.

Hillary Clinton:
VIII Gawain (Strength) – Yes, Hillary Clinton is in charge. For as long as she keeps her focus on policies and how to play the “election game” right, then she will have the chance to also be a “strong pillar” for the US. She knows what she wants. She knows what to do. She knows where to go.

Grail Maiden – This is an interesting card because it also talks about her intention which is sincere. She wants to be the “mother” of the country and bring forth policies that would improve the welfare of many. At least for now, this is truly what’s in her heart. However, being the” mother” also means that she will do everything in her power to nurture the US, even if that could mean sacrifices and compromises.

Spear Two – She will have two main priorities under her term (which I do not know of). This also represents that when she wins the presidency, she will have the support of her husband. It would be like having two presidential minds in one presidency.

Overview: She will be a very good president. She knows the system, but she will also try to use this knowledge to bring change focusing on the welfare of her constituents. She is the most favourable to win, with the energies working in harmony in making this happen.