Two of Wands

TAROT Card of the DAY: Two of Wands

The companion book describes the Two of Wands as: the fiery dynamic nature of Wands can find relationships difficult, but also highly creative. Just as the imposing hill-figure of the Long man of Wilmington in Sussex stands holding two staves/wands apart, creating the image of a doorway, so the Two of Wands represents the doorway of possibility that is opened when you use the tension of relationship creatively. This could mean exploring the energy and potential that a partnership holds; or it may involve holding two ideas, projects or feelings side by side, allowing the relationship between them to unfold and open up new areas of possibility.

Two Wands – Rider Waite from


TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson:
When we get the Two of Wands, we have been blessed by options. There are two main paths that we are facing, but we do not necessarily need to give up one. It could be two options that could work together to present great wonders in terms of career, creativity, passion, reinvigorating our life force or just finding that inner fire to accomplish great successes.

The Two of Wands is putting the power of choice in our hands. The power to choose one or two paths simultaneously. We are able to make good use of this opportunity and bring our goals to fruition, whatever they maybe. We have finally found the energy to strike a balance and harmony within ourselves and in our lives. The Two of Wands is our reward. We no longer need to juggle and tire ourselves with work. Instead, we have found that elusive joy of enjoying the opportunities presented because we are passionate about them. This scenario is what we always aim for and is quite ideal for business, career path, pursuing one’s interest and expanding one’s dominion, so to speak.

However, as obvious at it is, this will never work for romantic relationships – having two at the same time! If we forget ourselves, because we feel so “in-control” and succumb to this kind of influence, then we are misreading and misusing this generous gift. And like all our decisions, we must be prepared to face the consequences of our actions. Fortunately, this seldom happens with the Two of Wands. Otherwise, if we have the capacity to do this, then we will not even be having the Two of Wands in our lives. As rare as this can occur, it will be a test to see how deserving we are of the power of choice. This is where our free will is put to the test.

The best influence of the TWO of Wands in a romantic relationship happens when we respect our own individuality as well as that of our partner’s. We overcome the tendency to lose our self in our relationship. Instead we keep the fire burning in pursuit of individual growth, as well as growing together in love. In order for the relationship to continuously grow and flourish, individuality and togetherness should be able to co-exist in harmony. This shows two different paths pursued separately, albeit simultaneously – bound by a very strong life force fueled by love, trust and understanding.

When we do get the Two of Wands, we have to strive to keep that inner fire within us burning in order to see things through. We need to make sure that the harmony and balance within oneself, that fuels growth, are not wasted. And in doing so, we also find harmony around us.