Two of Cups

Two of Cups – Tarot Weekly Reminder

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Two of Cups

When we are functioning optimally, the energies it represents for us would be
– the courage to develop new friendships,
– being pleasant and open to others,
– the excitement and promise of new connections,
– a very good chemistry with another person or
– being a people person.

When we are weaker than usual in mind, body and spirit, then we may experience
– the difficulty in keeping friendships,
– anti-social tendencies,
– not being very good with people,
– a connection motivated by selfish reasons, or
– a person pretending to be a friend who is actually a foe.

Unless we have antisocial tendencies, it is the norm to put our best foot forward in any first meeting. We want to leave a good and lasting impression to keep the door open for more invitations. Chemistry plays a huge role in keeping the interest alive. Great people skills is even better. Chemistry comes naturally. People skills can be both natural and learned.

What makes us interesting to others is how we make them feel interesting and important. A good listener is always sought after in all forms of relationships. Listening can be learned. The more we are genuinely interested to know about the other person, the more genuinely they want to spend time reciprocating.

Chemistry and people skills are must haves to successfully create new connections and grow them.

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The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Two of Cups – by Tarot Zamm.