The Wheel of Fortune

TAROT Card of the Day: Wheel of Fortune

The companion book describes the WHEEL OF FORTUNE as “The Wheel of Fortune spins in the direction of good fortune and luck.”

When this card is drawn, it signifies a time of strange coincidences, fortunate meetings, lucky moments and chance occurrences, all of which put a positive spin in life. In the case of an individual, this card may embody an old friend, a lost flame, a benevolent patron or a caring soul. In terms of situations, this card shines a positive light on any outcome, and usually with abundance. The wheel spin a full cycle, and at the end of your journey you will start afresh with something new.

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson

In addition to the companion book’s meaning:

The Wheel of Fortune signifies change. As we go through life, change is ever present. It is both anticipated and dreaded, depending on one’s circumstance. This confirms that life is a constant journey where permanence is not a staple. We keep hearing that nothing lasts forever – except of course, our essence. Long may have we left this plane but our memories and deeds remain imprinted in the souls we have touched, helped, loved and nurtured. If we did the opposite, then we will surely be haunted by the hurt we have caused others, in this lifetime, the next life time and until we are able to amend and learn from them.

With life’s journey comes different phases – ups and downs, developments and challenges. We may find ourselves feeling so low, abandoned and afraid at times. Also understand that sometimes things just seem to happen. We may feel helpless about sudden occurrences in our lives. When this happens, remember that we are not powerless about the choices we make in the manner we face these challenges.

As nothing is permanent, we must always try to make things better. There are no accidents or coincidences, things happen for a reason. We may feel that destiny deals with us toughly. But free will conquers destiny through the way we conduct ourselves in times of difficulty.

Then again, we could feel like we are on top the world, successful, happy and confident. And this is what we want. We want the best for us. When luck comes our way, it is no luck at all, but the culmination of our good intentions, compassion, positivity and our unwavering faith! Luck is destiny putting on the finishing touches of good fortune to the outcome of our free will.

We cannot stop change, but FREE WILL influences everything including DESTINY! Since it is so, we must strive for the best in terms of our life, habits, beliefs, perceptions, the way we do things, momentum, career and environment.

FREE WILL, when used positively, empowers and spurs encouraging change.

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!