The Tower

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Reflection: The Tower

Catastrophes are in abundance these days. The recent flood, cyclone and earthquakes in Australia and New Zealand, respectively, resulted in massive devastation. Many lives were lost and forever altered.

Homes and properties accumulated through the years of hard work were eradicated in but a few moments. Hearts were broken. Children were orphaned. Serious injuries left many scarred for life.

We often ask why these things happen. Why us, why me? What’s next? Where do we go from here?

Yet in these dire times, we also see something valuable and extraordinary. Strangers help. We see who our true friends are. Long –time unbeknownst neighbours become our friends and part of that essential support group. People helping out every which way they can and giving out whatever they can spare.

Society dramatically changes in an instant. We see the most important things in life that cannot be equated with money (although, of course, monetary assistance always helps greatly). Our daily lives which are so consumed by our obligations and ambitions seem to suddenly become unimportant. We get back to the basics of survival and endurance in order to rebuild our lives.

These catastrophes are the great equalizers and builders. They break whatever perceptions and structures societies have, and replace them with something heartfelt and unadulterated. With chaos comes goodwill. With losses come gains. With destructions come the opportunities to build something better and lasting (not buildings or tangible things) – such as the deep bond with our fellow human beings and the power and will of our spirits that triumph over all.

Take care! Many blessings to you!