The Tarot on the Current World Crisis

by Tarot Zamm

TAROT ZAMM on the current world crisis
The Tarot on the current world crisis by Tarot Zamm

Five of Wands – Conflict or Collaboration

Conflict is the highlight and it can remain so for awhile. What are the current conflicts? Wars, exodus, environmental assaults, human rights violations, religious extremism, etc.

Most of the existing and future conflicts are rooted in religion and/or beliefs. Some who engage in the creation of conflicts may be worsening them through conscious or unconscious collaboration. The collaboration is driven by the usual pursuit of desire, dominance, power, alliance and subjugation.

The pervading mood can be rife with misdirection of resources, distracting tactics and mishandling of priorities for the benefit of a few. It wouldn’t be surprising to know that behind the facade of conflict and chaos are some influences or entities that are actually in alliance.

As consequences of conflicts, “boundaries can be stretched” and “borders can be crossed, ” and “human geography can change.”

The influence of the Five of Wands presents a diplomatic approach towards cooperation, instead of antagonism. By working with complimenting perspectives, viable options will be placed that can speed up improvements in many fronts, simultaneously.

It might initially be hard because of the gap between the differences in perspectives and the government(s) policies in placed. The key is to connect them to enable adaptation to the fast changing world events. When the perspectives and policies work together in harmony, they would create strong strategies with extraordinary outcomes.

The current world events create a platform of opportunities for growth and a great mind-shift, not just for individuals but for governments and world leaders too. This platform can separate the emerging influencers from the diminishing ones. It is a historic turning point for humanity.

The world needs to find a way to deal with the root cause of the global crisis; to join hands in dealing with the propagators with certainty and impunity. However, this can difficult due to the complications presented by the link between the propagators and the people in power, as signified by the Five of Wands. Only a strong political will to steer towards a different direction can make this happen.

Otherwise, it may be almost impossible to restore peace in war torn places for people to return home and rebuild. On the other hand, if the propagators are not dealt with, the exodus will continue and the war will spread passively. Accommodating every single refugee that could reach millions within the next three years is unsustainable and have irreparable consequences. Problems should be sorted at the root cause and not just temporarily patched up.

At this crucial moment, the world is reacting instead of “pro-acting.” It’s very busy putting out fires that it may be overlooking the prevention of future ones. Let’s hope that our world leaders become pro-active sooner rather than later.
Four of Swords – Peace or Stagnation

The Four of Swords after the Five of Wands may suggest that either there can be a way to achieve peace or things can remain as it is for a very long time, which can then lead to stagnation.

Most of the displaced people can find it difficult to find permanent settlement. Governments can only do so much to accommodate hundreds of thousands and even millions of refugees.

The Four of Swords can also symbolise the four powerful oil-rich countries (in the desert – can be Saudi, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait) that may remain “uninterested” in participating in and contributing to the alleviation of the crisis – refugee and extremism. Could this be the source of unconscious or conscious collaboration stated in the Five of Wands? Who knows.

It can also mean that unless the four world “powers-that-be” (Four of Swords) can temporarily set aside their differences (Five of Wands) to pull through a global strategy addressing the humanitarian crisis, then the world may see itself diving further into a stand still or worse – into a point of no return. I wonder who or what are the four world “powers-that-be”?

The biggest challenge for the world based of the Four of Swords is to change momentum, to change direction, to get out of stagnation or to break a destructive pattern that can lead to peace.

Lastly the Four of Swords are the four priorities the world needs to address which can be:

Religion and/or Power – a lethal combination that gives rise to extremism, prejudice, discrimination, oppression and genocide.

Displacement – victims become the collateral damage of No.1 which numbers in the millions. There can be a continuous mass exodus, from the four parts of the world – Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Stability – No. 1 and 2 find Europe and the other refugee-host countries especially Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey at a very sensitive situation that can potentially weaken their own security and economic stability, as a consequence to the diversion and displacement of their limited resources. The world is also busy and being stretched resource-wise as they are. Who else can help these refugee-host countries? The rest of the world should follow suit and mean it.

Climate change – the wars and exodus have removed the world’s focus on this vital and very real threat created by man against nature. Things can not remain as they are. The deterioration and lack of action can see coastal places hit by the rising sea levels with the changing ocean temperatures leading to more violent storms and more drought. This can be felt as soon as the next seasonal change.
Queen Of Swords – Passive Aggressive

While the rest of of the world is busy dealing with the obvious wars, displacement, natural calamities and their consequences, another faction is patiently observing, strategising and gathering information to strengthen its position and empower its impending “action.” Who and what could this be?

The Queen of Swords can signify that the world is watching, waiting and mustering the courage, laying down the foundation for a possible grassroots approach to a major change. Is it possible to finally outlaw “war and/or religion?”

We may also see a female leader in the likes of Hillary Clinton seemingly overshadowed, by the rhetoric of the entertaining, refreshing yet dividing likes of Mr Donald Trump. However, what may seem is farther from what is actually happening. She is strategically moving her campaign machinery into place getting ready for full battle operations when the time is right. She’s sharp, resolute and driven to win. If and when she wins, the global refugee crisis and the war against extremism can be a platform for her to observe, learn and strategise which can drastically change US foreign policies under her leadership. Focus can be towards protecting and rebuilding America’s interest locally first, then internationally.

The Queen of Swords can represent Angela Merkel or Europe slowing down – taking time to reassess strategy in terms of dealing with the refugee crisis which can become a crisis for Europe. This can significantly impact resources and policies far from initial expectations. As much as Europe is committed to trying to help, it must also protect its people. This is a really tough balancing proposition.

The Queen of Swords suggests that the best way to deal with the global crisis is by moving slowly while thinking quickly, working towards steadfast progress for both the short and medium term.

The Queen of Swords can also signify the world being in a more reflective mindset. Hopefully this could spur effective strategies that can help avoid or alleviate similar humanitarian crisis in the future.

With Mercury influencing the Queen of Swords, things can be as complicated or as simple as the world makes them. It comes down to clarity of thoughts and vision, guided primarily by logic, reasoning and sensibility and the decisiveness of how we put all this into action.