The Nine of Pentacles


TAROT Card: Nine of Pentacles
TAROT Deck: Druidcraft TAROT
TAROT Deck Creators: Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, and artist Will Worthington

Symbolisms & Meaning

Predominant Colors of the TAROT Card Nine of Pentacles – and their influences:
WHITE – is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection.
GREY: Conservatism, Traditionalism, Being Serious and very Calm; sometimes Uninteresting, Monotonous and Boring
GREEN: Abundance, Creation, Fertility, Productiveness, Engaging, Healing, The Love of and Force of Nature; sometimes Envy and Greed
BLUE- Peace, Wisdom, Faith, Connection to the Higher Self or Higher Power, Intellect, Stability; sometimes Coldness and Sadness
YELLOW – Clarity, Brilliance
BROWN: Earthy, Reliable, Genuine, Enduring, Reassuring, representing the Home and Hearth; sometimes a Muddled Mood and Grief

The Nine of Pentacles in a few words
The Nine of Pentacles signifies completion – the end of a cycle that is abundantly rewarded with financial and material security, wisdom, spiritual fulfillment and peace.

The Nine of Pentacles - TAROT ZAMM - TAROT Reader Wellington
Nine of Pentacles – Druidcraft TAROT

The Nine of Pentacles Time of Day – Just before twilight
If we look at the picture of the Nine of Pentacles, we see a lot of symbolisms. We start with the the sun’s hue that is placed a bit low in the background which symbolises a time where twilight is near. It is time to enjoy our well deserved rest and peace, after a long period of hard-work. It is also time to reap the rewards and appreciate each of our many accomplishments. We can now relax, knowing that we have secured our life well into the future, from all our efforts fortified by consistency, groundedness, patience, focus and the fuel that drives us to the finish line. The sun, also signifies that we have been blessed with many opportunities, which we have seized and made fruitful. Plentiful opportunities were given -we have seized each of them, cultivated them, and in the process, we have discovered that this was the way to attract more of them. This demonstrates the Universe’s generosity (stimulus) marrying up with our sincere appreciation of it, through our positive action (input) resulting in great accomplishments (rewards).

The Nine of Pentacles Season – Autumn
In this image of the Nine of Pentacle, we see a lady holding a leafless branch, signifying the season, which is autumn. Why autumn? Autumn is normally a time when we gather our thoughts and efforts to complete whatever task remains, in preparation for the long cold winter. It is also a time to assess our circumstance, re-examine pending decisions and put in our best effort, which comprise our last hurrah towards our coveted victory. Autumn is the best time to prepare ourselves to deal with a temporary period of lull or dormancy – the coming winter which signifies, a time to rest, to slow down, to be introspective, and to gather our strength for the start of the next cycle – which is Spring, when opportunities grow in abundance once again.

The Nine of Pentacles Personality and Animal Guide – Man and nature
We see the lady in a robe mainly in white, adorned with some touches of blue and green. Although the lady projects an image of accomplishment, authority and a very strong self-worth. her facial expressions is a little bit enigmatic, as we really don’t know what she’s thinking. In Wicca, there are three stages of the Divine Femininity, the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. The lady in the picture resembles a mother more than a maiden, albeit a mother that is still full of energy, fertile and continuously growing in wisdom. In saying this, she still has a long journey to becoming the crone. This symbolism, actually signifies that phase in our life when we have indeed accomplished much, yet we see ourselves far from slowing down. We are still very much on top of things, into the game, and looking forward to conquering more more challenges.

The lady’s white robe also symbolises wisdom and spiritual balance. The robe had been whitened by the lessons we have learned from all our experiences. It signifies the clarity we now possess; we think and act as clear as the color white, which also signifies perfection, However, since there are other shades of color adorning it, it means that perfection is not yet attained, but is very near.

Blue represents – peace, truth, faith and wisdom. It is about the confidence and belief in ourselves and the faith in knowing that when we genuinely cultivate the talents and opportunities given us, then they will surely bear fruit.Green signifies the earth, abundance. productivity, security, harmony and healing.

The colours of the lady’s robe signify that “perfect phase” in our life, when we enjoy a very strong sense of self, peace and connection to our environment, our fellow men and the Divine. We are not just enjoying material wealth, but also the best of health and a heightened spiritual awareness. However, we are driven to continue the pursuit of enlightenment to finally attain perfection or ‘nirvana.’

We can notice that the lady has a falcon resting on her gloved hand and arm. The falcon is a symbol of liberty, freedom, and victory. Yet as any falconer knows, it takes a while and plenty of time to train and tame a falcon. Yet once this is done, a falconer is blessed with a strong bond between himself or herself and the falcon. The symbolism about this dynamic is clearly illustrated with the lady wearing her falconry glove. She appreciates how nature works. That even when the falcon has been tamed, its claws are still powerful enough to cut through her skin, so she protects herself. How is this relevant in our lives? The message is simple and clear, that we need to acknowledge the forces around us. In order for us to wield or tame them, we must understand their nature, how they tick and where our vulnerability lies with regard to their strengths. If we are able to do this, then we can truly harness these energies to help us through our journey, just like the falcon with the lady.

We find these energies around us everyday through our relationships and interactions with the people in our lives and those we briefly cross paths with. We can also see this dynamic in how we treat our animal friends and our environment. By being open and aware, we start to see and understand. In understanding, we gain knowledge. With this knowledge, we have what we need to prepare and act strategically. By being strategically prepared, we are able harness these energies optimally. In being all these, we gain power and freedom through the WISDOM we have acquired in the process.

The Nine of Pentacles Environment
The stone wall in the background represents a state of security – a safe haven – and protecting and maintaining this environment. Through the wisdom we have gained in this cycle, we have learned to keep our vulnerabilities in check and even fortify them. We are no longer naive to leave ourselves exposed to unnecessary risks and the consequences of uncertainties. We have learned to always be ready and equipped to deal with them at all times.

However, we also notice that the stone wall is not too high, enabling us to see what lies beyond. This signifies wisdom, in acknowledging the need to be aware of what’s on the other side. If the stone was built to be very high, then we put ourselves more at risk from our limited view (perspective). It would be comparable to building our own trap by cutting ourselves off from the world. The environment of the Nine of Pentacles encourages us to be on guard – not paranoid or too closed – to the happenings around us. The haven that we build would just be enough to protect us and also keep us on our toes.

On the background, we see the Nine of Pentacles etched on the stone wall, divided into two clusters of six and three. Each Pentacles symbolises a significant milestone in our journey. The etching reinforces the thought that the completion of the cycle did not come instantly. It was a slow but sure path to development. There is consistency for a very long period of time. The etching also signifies that the process through which we achieved our success was steady and sure, giving us the ability to appreciate the rewards that we have attained. And because we truly value them, we use them wisely and are able to make them last for a very long time.

The Pentacles clustered in three represents the attributes we have developed through this journey, which focuses on our means of expression, our creativity in coming up with strong and executable answers to the challenges we meet, the clarity and efficiency of how we communicate and implement our thoughts, and the enthusiasm and appreciation of life itself. All these have contributed to our optimism, steady growth and wisdom.

The Pentacles clustered in six represents the attainment of balance in our life and the unity with the Divine. We have learned the value of responsibility, of protecting our hard work and nurturing its fruits for our benefit and those of our loved ones. We have also learned to enjoy sharing our blessings with those who are in need. Most importantly, we have found harmony within ourselves, with our environment and its influences, and the Divine.