The Moon

TAROT Card of the Day: The Moon XVIII

The Moon signifies mysteries, conspiracies, the need to uncover what is hidden, the need to thread the thin line between sanity and insanity which is called genius. Focus on Mental health, depression, substance abuse.

The influence of the Moon could present itself as an enigma. It will be a month pushed by the need to KNOW MORE, and crawl out of the shadows. We will be forced to face issues we do not like to face, expose hidden agendas, uncover our fears and the things that make us question ourselves and the need to thread the thin line of genius and lunacy to find answers.

The Moon can either be empowering or crippling, depending on how strong we are as a person, mentally. Often times, we see circumstances that bring the dread in us, particularly because we know the underlying issues, but refuse to face them. This is somehow a time when we want to embrace the saying “Ignorance is bliss.” But the Moon will push us to growth and polish our strength in facing such issues. We can not always hide or stay under the radar. Secrets and mysteries will always be made known, at the right time, whether we like it or not.

The Moon reminds us of these times, so we can always work towards strengthening our minds and spirit. It is useless to do nothing while everything is going smooth. It is best to empower ourselves whenever we have the opportunity to do so. The best times would be while we are enjoying the best times in our lives. When we do this, the best times really become the best times as we never let down our guard or sit on our laurels, foolishly thinking that everything remains rosy and fantastic.

Life has many sides to it, including the side we would rather not have. But these side must be acknowledged and studied. We need to be prepared for it. We need to be strong in facing and dealing with it.

The Moon tells us to include this in our everyday life. That we do not scamper to prepare only when we have already been immersed in unpleasantness, as it might be too late for us.

The Moon also has a tendency to bring out the “crazy” in us, with regard to our fears and insecurities. But it also has an equal tendency to bring out the “crazy” in us with regard to ideas, visions and creativity that can only bring innovation, freshness and brilliance, if we maintain a strong mind.

The Moon signifies a time to put our life and progress into perspective according to the influence of the Moon. Use the Moon’s light to choose and decide wisely, always follow the path where it shines brightest so we do not find ourselves in the “place of shadows” – where the Moon doesn’t shine.