The Magician

TAROT Card of the day: The Magician

The companion book describes THE MAGICIAN as “he brings together all the elements as he is the catalyst of all,. He is the energy that drives; the one who sparks interest. He is charming, he is witty, and he is at home with the world around him.”

The Magician represents a witty individual who is at home with his or her surrounds. It highlights the characteristics of intelligence, leadership, self-management, and understanding one self. The Magician embodies the individual who begins all projects. He or she is often the manager of a group or a person in similar role who leads people and brings elements together to give birth to a new project. This person can have many roles, such as an organiser, administrator, or even a teacher, all to aid the project. In situations, this card represents the positive beginning of new ventures.

TAROT Card of the day – TAROT Lesson

The magician is perceived to have the power over the four elements. He or She can wield them for his or her purpose – good or bad. As in the movies, whenever there are great magicians, wizards and sorceresses, we see that they have spent ages in learning their craft. They have passed many tests including overcoming self-doubts and recognising the certainty of their choices and the path they need to take.

As common as real life may always seem, it is actually a mystical and exciting adventure, if we think about it. We spend our lifetime finding and understanding ourselves, overcoming our demons and pursuing the ultimate formula for success and happiness.

The Magician - Revelations TAROT by Zach Wong

We need not worry about fantastical magic spells or acts, but if we are able to uncover the essence of the four most powerful virtues: love, compassion, wisdom and faith, then we can be greater than any magician known.

We need the following elements to build the four keys that will reveal the four powerful virtues:

Love is the most complex and most important of all virtues. The Key of Love needs a good amount of understanding, respect, encouragement, nurturing, help and protection. These elements will help build the three other keys.

Once we learn to love ourselves and know what could upset or make us happy, then we can use this discernment to feel for others. We are human beings. We have very similar emotions.

Before we do anything involving others, let us always try to put on those “magic shoes” – when we put ourselves in their position.

The Key of Compassion needs awareness, feelings and the “magic shoes.” These elements will also help build the Key of Wisdom.

The Key of Wisdom needs the rich and challenging experiences in life together with the lessons learned from them, plus the elements of the keys of love and compassion that we have discussed. All these elements will help build The Key of Faith.

The Key of Faith needs our understanding and belief in ourselves, the fulfilment of our soul’s purpose and the goodness of humankind. Most of all it needs the belief and trust in the love and protection from whoever is the centre of our faith, to guide us!

The task of uncovering these four virtues is like the quest for the Holy Grail – full of traps, yet alluringly mystical and enlightening! It might take numerous lifetimes to accomplish this. In saying so, it is with utmost importance that we start in our magical quest of life, now.

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!