The Empress – TAROT Guidance of the Week

Tarot Guidance for the week of April 27, 2015 is from the Golden Botticelli Tarot by Atanas Alexandrov Atanassov

The Empress

Stake your claim and protect what is yours. Nurture those who are close to you and be prepared to accept some nurturing from kind-hearted people around you, as well. It is ok to be taken care of every now and then, most especially if you are so used to taking care of things. It is a wonderful time to make your house a home, to keep the hearth burning and make your place a sanctuary to look forward to at the end of the day. There may be news of marriage, conception and creativity for you or the people in your circle.

Looking outwardly in the global community, issues on the plight of women can go centrestage once again such as equality, freedom, domestic violence, human rights and the preservation of life. Movements in politics and government towards female leadership is also very active. News such as a pregnancy, conception and birth may also be highlighted for a royal family. World leaders may be in a more nurturing and receptive state in terms of national and international affairs.

Until the next time. Stay true. Live well. And remain victorious. This is Tarot Zamm.

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