The Chariot

TAROT Card of the day: THE CHARIOT

The companion book describes THE CHARIOT as “He wins the race after travelling far and wide to achieve his goals. The crowd behind him roars as the scale of his accomplishment reaches new heights”

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson:
Self-discipline and willpower have brought you to your final victory. This card represents the drive and determination you have to win the race. Even though the victory may feel sudden or effortless to others, you will know within yourself the time and energy you invested to achieve your goals.

The Chariot signifies opportunities that come into our lives and turn us into an endless source of drive and willpower to achieve our goals. This is all good, but all too dangerous as well. There are dangers of self-servingly turning a blind eye on issues of ethics and integrity. We might even start to see and believe that people are just resources and objects we could tap into as means to an end. When this happens, it is very sad. An energy so potent which could definitely turn us into greatness could also lead to our downfall, clouding our judgment and turning our hearts into stone. Again, this proves that no matter how beautiful or noble the gifts we receive from the Universe are, the tendency for us to corrupt these gifts is ever present.

We must then remember that the energy of THE CHARIOT is immensely useful for as long as we keep focus on the other important aspects of life, and not just on winning.

Hard-work, principles, benevolence and compassion are the great companions of the energy of THE CHARIOT. With this combination guiding us, we can truly unleash a force so remarkable and memorable in the most honourable way. This is what great people are made of. If we look at the lives of some of our heroes and icons like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela to name a few, we will see that the challenges they faced seemed insurmountable. We are left to wonder how they were able to stand their ground and uphold their beliefs for the benefit of humanity. Each of them possessed a seemingly inexhaustible ethereal power within them which they used to ensure the fruition of their dreams. They lived by their mission, their soul’s purpose – every moment, everyday and under all circumstances.

It is not the destination that makes life so magnificent. It is the journey.

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!