Ten of Wands

TAROT Card of the Day: Ten of Wands

The Little White Book describes the Ten of Wands as the most powerful of four tens signifies fire out of control and the centring of intuition. Intuition frees us from the desire to receive plaudits for our daily work, thus teaching us humility. Leave behind psychological baggage; look within in order to learn and grow.

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Reflection

As soon as I woke up, I thought of the tasks I needed to do today: clean and tidy up the house -inside and outside, do the laundry, do some reading and writing, fill out and post documents, cook dinner and spend time with my partner. I lingered in bed feeling a bit overwhelmed. After half an hour I finally mustered my strength to get out of bed. I thought of organising my day so I can finish my tasks before my partner comes home.

While boiling water for my tea, I drew my card of the day and got the Ten of  Wands. It just confirmed that I could really be overextending myself today.

I need to prioritise so I won’t burden myself unnecessarily and accomplish what is most important. There are no deadlines to meet but it would be great to finish as much as I can. I want to do this for myself, for a sense of (mini)accomplishment. I want to be productive for the day. Besides, it also always makes me happy when my partner comes home to a neat and tidy place, where we can relax together.  He also makes my day when he appreciates the dinner I prepare for him, which is every time. Most of all, I am doing this to show my love for him.


On a deeper level, the Ten of  Wands can signify burden, over-stretching oneself or being overwhelmed, among other things. The Ten of  Wands is a reminder that these challenges come to us because we have the ability to solve them. We draw strength and comfort from all the experience and lessons we have had.

It is a card that says “yes it is problematic but I am still in control.”  It could also signify being a control-freak (desiring too much control). Oftentimes this ends up with worries we can actually do without.

And because we know we are able, we take on much more than we can bear. The result can go two ways. When we do this for the people we love, and they love us back, we are never alone. Since they know we do this for them, they help us help them. They are pro-active and grateful. From this, relationships grow stronger.

It can also fall the other way, which will be a hard lesson learned. When the going gets tough, we see how shockingly few people care about us. We can count them in one hand.

Therefore, it is wise to choose who and when to help. It is a virtue to care for others but not at the expense of oneself.

We then need to question our motivations behind taking on too much. Do we do these to gain approval or acceptance? Is it to demonstrate our affection or concern? Do we want to be seen as martyrs or heroes, if so, why? By doing what we do, will it make us and/or someone happy? Do we expect something in return? Is this a step towards our aspirations? Do we do this out of love…necessity….or for other reasons that we might not be too sure about?

The Ten of  Wands actually tells us to evaluate our intentions and reasons behind our burdens. When we get this card, it is best to stop and think.

Take care! Many blessings to you!