TAROT Weekly Forecast: January 27 – February 3, 2013

TAROT Weekly Forecast: January 27 to February 3, 2013 – Page of Swords

TAROT Reader Wellington - Page of Swords - TAROT Weekly Reading Forecast
Page of Swords – Robin Wood TAROT

Some thoughts/ideas are born through a spark that could inspire us to action. The Page of Swords’ influence is enough to drive us to action, but is not enough to foster the manifestation and successful execution of the thought/idea.

In terms of communication, refrain from easily falling prey to our own undoing with the “foot in mouth syndrome,” particularly this week. Once the words have been unleashed, they cannot be taken back. Much worse the consequence of such words might not be undone. A sudden slip could trigger an unwelcomed change that could be damaging.

Well formed ideas help us plan better and make wiser decisions. We need to apply caution and refrain from impulsive behaviour and self-expression. The clearer we are with our thoughts, the better and more effective the words and actions we use to convey them.

The best way to use the influence of the Page of Swords is for standing by our convictions. It will serve us well in instances where time (or the lack of it) plays a huge role in driving the needed results, through boldness, dynamism and spontaneity, guided by our intuition.