TAROT Weekly Forecast: February 11 – 17, 2013

TAROT Weekly Forecast February 11 – 17, 2013: Ace of Cups

TAROT Reader Wellington - Ace of Cups - TAROT Weekly Reading Forecast
Ace of Cups – Robin Wood TAROT

I love thee so, that, maugre all thy pride,
Nor wit nor reason can my passion hide.
Do not extort thy reasons from this clause,
For that I woo, thou therefore hast no cause
But rather reason thus with reason fetter,
Love sought is good, but given unsought better.
(Twelfth Night, 3.1.151-6 – Wlliam Shakepeare)

Completeness or Discontent? Happiness or Daydreams? Appreciation or Longing?
This week highlights the waves of emotions. We choose how we feel. What will it be for you this week – positive or negative?

The Ace of Cups reassures us that there is so much to fill our “cups,” we just need to open our hearts. Allow our cups to overflow and share our abundance with others. Love and give without expectation. This is how we set the trail for love to find us. And when it does, it will give us our hearts desire beyond our expectations.