TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast May 13 -19, 2013

TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast May 13 – 19, 2013: Page of Wands

The fire has been stoked! The Page of Wands signifies a passion, desire or longing that has been recently awakened.

TAROT Reader Wellington - Judgment - TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast
Page of Wands- Robin Wood TAROT

This week, we ask ourselves what do we intend to do about this? Is this passion serving as a push to achievement or is it consuming our every thought that could be wrongfully manifested?

Perhaps now is the time to bring forth the wisdom of our spirit (what do truly we feel is right) so we do not fall prey to impulsiveness and recklessness. Hence, if we could use this energy to come up with creative solutions to what concerns us, then that would serve us best.

Let the courage, enthusiasm and the adventurous energy of the Page of Wands gift us with a renewed love of life and the ability to deeply connect.