TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast April 1 -7, 2013

TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast April 1 -7, 2013: Ace of Swords

How does the Ace of Swords influence us for this week?

TAROT Reader Wellington - Ace of Swords- TAROT Reading Weekly Forecast
Ace of Swords- Robin Wood TAROT

What are the decisions and plans we need to make this week? Have we figured out a very clear and workable way to go about them? Have we place ample thoughts in them? Are we confident that both the decisions and plans are intelligent, logical and well communicated to bring forth the much needed solution? Are we confident and committed to see that these decisions will be carried through?

Do not act on impulse. Act on a well-laid plan that stands for clarity, direction, reason and results. These are just some helpful thoughts the Ace of Swords engages us in.