Private Tarot Lessons

I can teach you – privately and one-on-one – to read the Tarot for yourself. We pace the lessons according to your requirement.

We can do it face-to-face in my office or in the comforts of your home via video chat.

Why learn from me? Because I’m highly recommended by both my students and clients – from both NZ and abroad.

See what my students have to say about my Tarot workshops at the bottom of the page. Imagine what you can learn in one hour when it’s just you and me!

Learn the Tarot and Guide Yourself

What to bring: Your own Tarot Deck, open mind and enthusiasm to learn.
Check the Tarot Zamm Shop
if you need to purchase your Tarot deck. There are Rider Waite inspired and ‘hard to find collectible’ Tarot decks available.

Major Arcana – Lesson 1, 2
– What is the TAROT? (correcting misconceptions)
– Where did it come from? (origin)
– How do we use the TAROT? (applications)
– How do we understand the TAROT? (basic reading techniques)
– Overview of the 22 Major Arcana
– Practicing what was learned from this session.

By the end of these lessons you will have a better appreciation of
– how you can naturally discover – with ease – the meaning of each of the 22 Major Arcana cards,
– how to be proficient in the use of some TAROT Spreads and be able to create your own spreads,
– how YOU are the essential element in reading the TAROT for yourself,
– how you will finally be able to read for yourself with ease and effectiveness.

Hours needed: At least 2 hours
Minor Arcana – Lesson 3, 4, 5
Overview of the the Minor Arcana
– The numbered cards 1 to 10
– The four suits Wands, Swords, Cups, Pentacles
Additional techniques to read for yourself
– Personal approach application
– How to incorporate traditional meanings into your own personal approach easily
Practicing what was learned from this session.

By the end of these lessons you will have a better appreciation of:
– the FACT that knowing yourself is the precious KEY to reading the TAROT for yourself
– your (discovery of) personal meanings for the Minor Arcana – numbers and suits
– how you can use the Minor Arcana to tell time frames (if you choose this)
– the patterns (recognition) in your life using the Minor Arcana to check your own natural progression in your current situation or life-stage.
– the differences or similarities between the societal / traditional meaning of the Minor Arcana (Number and suits) to your own.
– reading the Minor Arcana for yourself with ease and intuitiveness

Hours needed: At least 3 hours

Note: Court Cards are not included in these lessons. They are separate lessons.
Court cards – Lesson 6
Introduction to the Court Cards
– Understanding the Court Cards
The Kings / The Queens
The Princes / The Princesses
– The Court Cards in your everyday life (Practice)
– Finding your answers with the Court Cards (Practice)
– Societal Archetypes for the Court Cards
– Recapping what was learned in this session

Hours needed: At least 1 hour
Practice Lessons
Practicing lessons learned with guided readings.
– You read the Tarot for yourself with my guidance.
– Creating your own spreads (less is more)
– Guide to reflection and introspection in your reading

Requirement: Completing the minimum hours needed for any of the three lessons – Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Court Cards

Time needed to practice: At least 1 hour
Terms and conditions are the same with Individual Tarot readings. Please read the terms and conditions before proceeding by clicking here.

Kindly check my schedule
to help ensure your preferred date and time is also available, especially if it is within the next few days.
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Students’ Feedback
“very interesting techniques and insights that I was not aware of before”

“Zamm was very good, asked everyone about their thoughts”

“really interesting- covered plenty and excellent notes”

“Zamm has great energy, very engaging”

“practice session was very good and can branch out with more time from here”

“practice session was useful, and will need to practice to benefit from it.”

“i give it an 8/10”

“9/10 – would’ve happily paid more for a 2 hour class.”

“I give it a 10/10. fantastic. reassuring.”

“enormously amount of information that I surprisingly took on quite comfortably.”

“Zamm is very good at explaining methods and concepts quickly and effectively.”

“the practical exercises affirmed learning.”

“very useful ->> not prescriptive like the books are.”

“Zamm was engaging and knowledgeable — good interaction with class; good memory – seems to remembered our names instantly.”

“really good putting theory into practice.”

“very good handouts and very clear.”

“a good introduction to self-reading Tarot.”

“great workshop – informal and interactive.”

“definitely useful and informative.”

“Zamm has a way of delivering her workshops with so much interesting facts that she just holds my attention from beginning to end.”

“i loved the practice session. found that I am definitely able to achieve this this because of practice.’

“good coverage, could have done with extra 1/2 hour.”

“delivery was good, I didn’t struggle understanding.”

“practice session was good, encouraged me not to overthink.”

“great, I like the personal interpretation.”

“very useful, i love it.”

“excellent, great energy and quality of information.”

“really good in educating me better with working with the minor arcana.”

“zamm is awesome, bubble and informative. i love her perspective.”

“this got me thinking.”

“it definitely got me thinking about other ways of using my intuition and learning new tools.”

“all very good. open conversation and interaction at a level I enjoyed.”

“enlightening. it’s given me things to reflect on.”

“adds information well to Lesson 1.”

“interaction was good.”