MH370 A Tarot Insight

Tarot Insight – MH370

The interpretation of the cards touches the plausible to logical to probable conspiracies. We’ll stick to something that we can easily understand. The TAROT insight of the cards is confirming most of the things that we already know.

I will try my best, hopefully in the near future, to make an in-depth reading to these cards and present two to three scenarios. Once done, you’ll find it posted in

The initial impression:

5 of Pentacles – loss, diminishing power, failing health
We all know that MH370 is still lost. We can’t find where it is. But this card is also signifying that there could be other forms of losses involved in its disappearance focused on the physical. losing functions, losing control, losing power, losing health, losing direction.

2 of Pentacles – busy or dynamic energy, lack of focus, juggling many things in one go, division
This could mean that there was struggle on the plane, or a very busy energy on board that was consequential to losing focus or direction. It could also mean there was disharmony.
It could also mean that the if there is a wreckage, it’ll be found in two places.

5 of Cups – focusing on things that cannot be undone, the inability to look at other options, looking in the wrong places.
This signifies that we might be looking in the wrong place.We haven’t really looked at other plausible places and entertained other potential answers. So we are really stuck and not moving forward. We’re looking but not “searching,” so we are not finding.
This also signifies we might have overlooked or ignored many other tell-tale signs.

10 of Swords – Betrayal, breach of trust or confidence, withholding truth, miscommunication, misinformation.
There is obviously many things we are not privy to. Even the good people searching for the wreckage may not be totally in the loop but just following orders or directives.
This could also mean that everything that we know about MH370 is all a lie (this is an extreme interpretation of this card).

The Sun – manifestation, clarity, positive outcomes
This signifies if there is truth, honesty and openness, it will be a lot easier to find MH370. We will definitely find it – eventually.
It could also mean that MH370 is no longer here but somewhere out there beyond our sun! (this is also an extreme interpretation of this card.)

Note: My apologies for the poor video taken. I even forgot to introduce myself in the video. This was spontaneous and I just needed to capture and film whatever insight is provided. It was also a bit challenging to hold the phone camera and draw the cards at the same time.

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