TAROT Card of the Day: Strength

The Strength TAROT card signifies self-control, standing by your own beliefs, being strong and unwavering, patient, compassionate, persevering, stable, composed, disciplined, and a strong sense of self that prepares us for any challenge that comes. When a strong sense of self is lacking, then strong faith must fill this lack.

With the Strength TAROT card, it will be a very interesting influence for us, where we will be given the opportunity to flex our spiritual muscles, through the situations we will find ourselves in.

Planning, enjoying and putting structure or order into our lives help us become effective, and reinforce our values (the perseverance and strength) that will enable us to see our goals come to fruition.

The amount of Strength we will need will be proportionate to the greatness or degree of growth we want to achieve. it will also be dependent on how we are far off the mark or in sync with our path to spiritual maturity. This will not surprisingly be manifested in our everyday life, through the decisions we make, the actions we take, the thoughts we process and the feelings we choose to acknowledge or ignore. All these aspects enable us to grow as a person and as a spiritual being.

With Strength we are able to gain wisdom from our experiences.

With Strength, we become more open to the lessons we need to learn.

With Strength, we grow a deeper appreciation of our victories, and of ourselves for being able to pass the tests.

With Strength, we harness all our faculties optimally – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

With Strength, we also become more accepting and understanding of the differences that surround us. We become realistic in our approach in solving our problems, taking stock of our resources, talents and willingness to sacrifice to get the outcome we are working for.

With Strength, we become strong on standing for our own beliefs and not succumb to temptations or intimidation. We learn not to be pushed and when needed to also push back. What good will Strength be if we cannot also use it to influence others?

When we seem aimless, powerless to change the influences around us, our Strength of spirit will come in. We need to strengthen our connection with the higher power to enjoy continuous guidance and wisdom. We need to work on strengthening our intuition and be able to trust it. Often times we hear of people say that they were saved or guided by their intuition. We should not wait for dire circumstances in our life to push our desire to strengthen this connection. We need to take advantage of how we can grow optimally and spiritually, while our environment and circumstance allow us. This must be on top of our list. When we have a strong intuition, we will know what to do.

With Strength we are also encouraged to develop our minds through the way we assess the challenges and situations we will find ourselves in – with our ability to plan, and come up with effective strategies to overcome them. Remember to also strengthen our body and spirit. When we have a strong spirit, we will see clearly and things will fall into place, not because of logic but because we are in-tuned and aware. When we have a strong body, then we are able to keep up with the process of growth and be able to enjoy our much deserved-rewards.