Six of Wands

TAROT Card of the Day: Six of Wands

The companion book describes SIX OF WANDS as “He rides into a crowd that celebrates his victory.”

Similar to the Chariot, this card exemplifies the feeling of success and victory that has been won or achieved through strife. Effort has been exerted to reach this stage, and your peers now rejoice and celebrate your triumph. It is a time for reflection and festivity as you are ready to reap the rewards. In situations, this card heralds possibilities for promotion, good news, and triumphs over adversity. In relationships, the sailing will be smooth as both parties have overcome their issues and have found the time to focus on their achievements.

Six Of Wands-Revelations TAROT by Zach Wong

TAROT Card of the Day – TAROT Lesson

We sometimes come across situations in our life when we really want to win. We feel that a lot is at stake such as: our reputation, some rewards or the progress that we desperately need. When we draw the Six of  Wands in times like these, we are assured that we will have what we want, as long as we are willing to go the distance, put in the work required with dedication and focus. This assurance gives the Six of  Wands its name as the “victory card.” If we deliver what is required of us, then victory will also be delivered into our hands.

We need to keep the energy of the Six of  Wands within us at all times. If we emphasize the quality and results of our efforts, we then need to believe that things will work out for the best.

However, we must recognise that one victory is just a part of our continuing development. We can never be complacent with our achievements. It is healthy to keep a balanced outlook that we are merely as good as our last performance. A lot of us might find this too harsh and discouraging. However, if we interpret this positively, then we will be spurred to keep “outdoing” ourselves and focus on our long-term development. Of course, all past achievements bring abundant wisdom and experiences, which will guide us to accomplishing even more.

We must also aim to keep the fire within us constantly burning. It doesn’t matter when we feel the fire go weak at times. This is normal. As long as we keep it burning, it can undoubtedly be stoked into quickening.

The Six of Wands also sets the kind of victory we must aim for, one that is won with compassion, integrity, excellence, appreciation and humility. We should never forget to appreciate the people who helped us reach our goals. When we do, we foster good fate, goodwill, loyalty and we gain more strength.

We can never find true victory in heartlessness, deception, mediocrity and arrogance.

Today I leave you an affirmation to draw the energy of the Six of  Wands. It is best spoken when doubting oneself or feeling fatigued.

“I have the fire. I am inspired. I drive to thrive.”

Take care and until the next time! Many blessings to you!