Six of Cups

Six of Cups – Weekly Tarot Reminder

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Six of Cups

When we are functioning optimally, the energies it represents for us would be:
– Sentimentality
– Thoughtfulness
– Wisdom
– Reminiscing
– Gratitude
– Loyalty
– Innocence
– The childlike ability to forgive or accept forgiveness
– Love of Children
– Remembering our roots

When we are weaker than usual in mind, body and spirit, then we may experience:
– Ungratefulness
– Arrogance thinking we know everything
– Taking advantage of good faith
– The inability to accept new ideas
– Refusing help from family and people who are genuinely concerned for our well-being, mainly because of pride or ego,
– Selfishness
– Remembering unpleasant and even traumatic experiences
– Living in the past and being controlled by it

A child has the ability to forgive easily because of their innocence and pureness of heart. At the same token, this can easily be taken advantaged of by the wrong people.

Even as an adult, regardless of how strong or wise or experienced we may think we are, when it comes to the matters of the heart, we remain vulnerable. It is not unusual to grasp at straws and live in the past pleasures of a love that once was.

– When we let go yet learn from the past,
– when we give ourselves the chance to forgive and be forgiven,
– when we recognise our roots – especially with what truly matters,
– when we become grateful that the past has helped us become the flourishing, strong and adaptable person that we are,
– then love can blossom anew, and embrace us with pureness and innocence once again.

Only with pureness and innocence can be we become courageous enough to open up our hearts and become vulnerable by trusting.

Only by trusting can we experience the depths and breadth of love, once more by being in the present. A child’s love is very powerful like this. This power remains with us always. We just need to remember and let it through.

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The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Six of Cups – by Tarot Zamm.