Seven of Cups

TAROT Card of the Day: Seven of Cups

The companion book describes the Seven of Cups as: The richer our imaginative and creative life, the more varied the dreams and visions that we can conjure up within our souls. This is the stuff of magic and enchantment, but is vital we appreciate the difference between the world of imagination and the physical world.

Seven of Cups – Rider Waite from

TAROT Card of the Day – Tarot Lesson:
The imagery of the Seven of Cups TAROT Card seems to be of boredom or the lost of focus and passion in our quest for our dreams. It seems to show that our dreams have remained unaccomplished and as mere reflection of what use to be such a beautiful dream. However, all is not lost, we still have one cup left close to us. This is enough to stir that fire to pursue our dreams once again.

The Seven of Cups always reminds us that nothing will ever be achieved if we remain lost to our reverie, and remain mesmerised by what could have been or could be. The fact that we can get lost in our reverie affirms how good and beautiful our future can be. We should imbibe the famous saying “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.”

The Seven of Cups, pushes us to action and the pursuit of those beautiful dreams. We also need to prepare and face the challenges in the process. These challenges spice up the quest and make us really appreciate the fruits of our labour – the manifestation of these dreams.

The Seven of Cups represents our dreams and desires about our relationships, romance, our careers, our home, our personal and spiritual development, stability or anything that is most important to us.

The same powerful energy that tempts us to stay in our reverie and visualising the future with our dreams fulfilled could transpose this into kinesis.

However, sometimes, when the going is too tough, and we need to re-charge, it is not bad to immerse ourselves once again into reverie of the Seven of Cups, albeit, only briefly. Otherwise, if we linger too long, we forget our focus and risk the possibility of escapism and unproductiveness, once again.