Inner Workings of Your World

The Inner workings of your world – a three part course.

Congratulations to the 1st batch of students who completed the full course this February 2017! May you continue in your commitment to your path of learning and discovery, and BE in harmony with the inner workings of your world!

Next classes start September 16, 2017. Enrollment is open.
We start and finish earlier in Spring.

Course Description
The inner workings of your world is a three part course consisting of and complementing classes on Intuition, Dreams and Learning the Tarot for self-reading.

September 16, 2017, Saturday 1pm to 4pm Part 1 – The inner workings of your intuition teaches you all about the useful and important knowledge you need to know about your intuitiveness and what intuition really is. In understanding this, it hopes to teach you how to develop and sharpen your intuition.

Understanding the inner workings of your intuition is key to unlocking the inner workings of your dreams.

September 23, 2017, Saturday 1pm to 4pm Part 2 – The inner workings of your dreams teaches you all about the useful and important knowledge in tracking, remembering, understanding and interpreting your dreams. It complements your intuition and builds upon your self-appreciation, which are crucial towards your Tarot self-reading practice.

A strong intuition and a good understanding of your dreams give you crucial tools to a deeper connection and more effective Tarot self-reading practice.

September 30, 2017, Saturday 1pm to 4pm Part 3 – The inner workings of the Tarot teaches you a unique, personal and highly intuitive way of reading the Tarot for yourself. It will show you everything you need to do this and remove all the usual noise of learning the Tarot mechanically. Forget about keyword memorisation, mystical esoteric knowledge, and other difficulties in learning the Tarot to help yourself. All you need is your favourite Tarot deck supported by your open mind, eagerness to learn and commitment to change things in your life for the better!

Course Completion
Upon completion of the course, you’ll
– have a better appreciation of who you are as a person,
– understand why it’s so important to be true to yourself,
– turn your innate potential in terms of your intuition and dreams into practicable knowledge,
– develop your own personal Tarot self-reading practice,
– appreciate your new heightened self-awareness,
– integrate all that you’ve learned in your daily life,
– remain focused,
– make wiser decisions for a more successful life – day-by-day, and
– receive your Certificate of Completion.

Optional Supplemental course
Practice Classes for The Inner Workings of Your World

October 21, November 4, December 9 – Saturday 2pm to 5pm
– Tarot Interpretation
– Dream Interpretation
– Personal Readings
Cost: $75.00

What to bring
– An open mind
– Eagerness to learn
– Commitment to personal development
– Tarot Deck

Course Materials are provided.

Limited seats available
– 20 face-to-face enrollees
– 20 Live-streaming enrollees (best suited for students outside of Wellington and New Zealand)

Venue (smaller group):
Level 8 Munro Benge House, 104 The Terrace, Wellington CBD
Live streaming for students outside of Wellington and New Zealand

Venue (bigger group): TBA

Course Fee
Cash Early Bird Enrollees – $235
(Applicable date of enrollment is until July 15, 2017)

Cash Enrollment – $250
(Applicable date of enrollment is from July 16, 2017 to September 9, 2017)

Installment options are available
For students who are budgeting and paying by installment, please make sure that you have completed your payment on or before August 31, 2017.

Two monthly payments – $135 x 2

Five weekly payments – $54 x 5

Six weekly payments – $45 x 6

Nine weekly payments – $30 x 9

Please click here to enroll.

Please read the terms and conditions on refunds and cancellations before enrolling. Thanks.

Some feedback from participants who attended the test courses.

Part 1 – Intuition
“The workshop was delivered very well”
“Very clear and lots of opportunity to interact.”
“I’ll give it a 9/10”
“Really interesting and resonated with me – relating to my life and relationships.”
“I’ll give it a 9/10.”
“Clear and personal.”
“Zamm was very informative and open to questions.”
“Informative and useful.”
“Zamm has great knowledge of the subject and has done many research.”
“Interaction was good as we learned from each other.”

Part 2 – Dreams
“Told me many things I didn’t know or hadn’t thought deeply about. It gave me some practical techniques. More well grounded and less “spiritually oriented” than I thought could be.”
“Very well and enthusiastically presented”
“Good insight of dreams – I have a better understanding of how to use them.”
“Happy with the coverage of the workshop.”
“Opened my mind about dreams and has given me the information to why people have them and that we can control them.”
“The facilitator was approachable, friendly. There was a lot of interaction with everyone and nothing was judged or told was wrong.”
“Very good. within such a short a time, I have learnt how to understand dreams and dreaming.”
“Just great. It made me want to participate and hold interest from start to end.”
“Awesome. the the practice session, I was able to feel confident to be able to go home and interpret my own dreams.”
“I give the workshop a 10/10.”
“The material was very informative.”

Part 3 – TAROT
“Very interesting techniques and insights that I was not aware of before”
“Zamm was very good, asked everyone about their thoughts”
“Really interesting- covered plenty and excellent notes”
“Zamm has great energy, very engaging”
“Practice session was very good and can branch out with more time from here”
“Practice session was useful, and will need to practice to benefit from it.”
“I give it a 10/10”
“Enormously amount of information that I surprisingly took on quite comfortably.”
“Zamm is very good at explaining methods and concepts quickly and effectively.”
“The practical exercises affirmed learning.”
“Very useful ->> not prescriptive like the books are.”
“Zamm was engaging and knowledgeable — good interaction with class; good memory – seems to remembered our names instantly.”
“Really good putting theory into practice.”
“I give it a 10/10. fantastic. reassuring.”
“very good handouts and very clear.”
“A good introduction to self-reading Tarot.”
“Great workshop – informal and interactive.”
“Definitely useful and informative.”
“Zamm has a way of delivering her workshops with so much interesting facts that she just holds my attention from beginning to end.”
“I loved the practice session. found that I am definitely able to achieve this this because of practice.’
“Good coverage.”
“Delivery was good, I didn’t struggle understanding.”
“Practice session was good, encouraged me not to overthink.”

inner workings of your world
Inner workings of your world – Intuition, Dreams and the Tarot