Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands – Tarot Weekly Reminder

The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Queen of Wands.

When we are functioning optimally, the energies the Queen of Wands represents for us would be passion with patience, creative expression, mature and committed drive, using one’s talent to support others, and the brink of creative success.

When we are weaker than usual in mind, body and spirit, then we may experience a passion that is not fully expressed, all-consuming thoughts and feelings, a selfish obsession or an implosion from denial or misguided use of one’s energy.

The Queen of wands is a mature patient energy that passive-aggressively influences others through living by example. We would benefit from it if we desire to gain the support of others for our own cause, or most especially if we are acting upon the interest of someone we support. Grace emanating from self assurance with the lack of desire for the limelight, make us function effectively and help gain the confidence and respect of others – without seeing us as a threat, but as a valuable team member.

Be aware that we may encounter those that lack self-confidence which may manifest in a form of “superiority complex” or just plane rudeness – in words and deeds. Remember, this is their issue not ours. What we need to do is to be steadfast in protecting our emotions and thoughts. We need to ensure that we do not allow them to corrode our self-image and self-belief.

If we feel that we can no longer bear the situation, then we must remove ourselves from the company of this person. If we work with them, we should limit our interaction with them or use existing HR policies to correct the situation. We are not helpless. We can change and influence others as well with the way we express ourself.

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The coming week’s reminder is brought to us by the Queen of Wands – by Tarot Zamm.